What is урбеч?

What is урбеч?

First, урбеч is a pride of Dagestan, and secondly - one of components of healthy food. The dense paste consisting of nuts reminds all known ""Nutella"", but frankly speaking, it is a shame to put them on one shelf.

The Dagestan mountaineers took to mountains урбеч for restoration and maintenance of forces. Energy and sense of fulness which it gave lasted for a long time, and the endurance increased. In ancient times the people had a poor food, and nut paste helped to survive with severe climate. Also the fact that Muslims eat it during a post for maintenance of immunity and for replenishment of a vitamin stock of an organism is also known.

It is made урбеч of seeds of a flax, apricot stones, cashew nuts, almond, pumpkin, sesame seeds or any other. The dried or fried nutlets and seeds turn into paste. Use it with honey and bread, in the form of delicacy.

About advantage of this miracle product it is possible to talk endlessly. It is "magic" food. Урбеч treats diseases of digestive tract, heart, vessels, an endocrine system, osteoporosis, arthrosis and pulmonary diseases. It is recommended to use it to people with diseases of joints, to athletes and people, after bone fractures.

Урбеч increases immunity. Vitamins are its part: And, In, E, D, minerals: magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, chrome, selenium, copper and also irreplaceable fatty acids. At the frequent use of a product the skin and hair take healthy and beautiful form.

Урбеч are recommended to include in the diet the vegetarians, people observing a post, people with the broken metabolism, excess weight or on the contrary, a lack of weight.

It is possible to get it in shops of healthy food and online stores, and of course, in the Caucasus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team