What it is possible to make an inscription on pie of

What it is possible to make an inscription on pie of

Home-made pie has to be not only tasty, but also beautiful. If you made pastries for a certain event - for example, to a birthday - decorate a product with the corresponding inscription. It can be executed cream, glaze, topping, to cut out from the test, to make of caramel or chocolate.

Tasty inscriptions: we choose options

It is better to do an inscription on pie of products which are its part. For example, the open-faced barmy pie can be decorated with letters from thin strips of the test. It is worth decorating biscuit fruit pie icing sugar, and the same product from promazky of chocolate cream - cocoa powder. The inscriptions made the kindled chocolate also will be suitable for such pie.

More elegant pies can be decorated with the unusual inscriptions made of caramel or the stiffened chocolate. Such letters remind lace and are located as it is horizontal, and vertically. For children's holidays of an inscription spread sugar beads or chocolate drops in color glaze. Such simple decor very much is pleasant to kids, besides they can take part in decoration of a dessert.

Before starting dressing, draw the sketch on paper. You will understand whether the chosen inscription on a surface will go in, or it is necessary to reduce the text and to reduce a font. If it is necessary, make a cliche of dense white paper. The inscription not necessarily has to be located on the center. Very beautifully the letters in a corner which are laid out on the diagonal and also an inscription on a side surface of a product look.

Several options of a decor

Try to decorate an open-faced sweet pie from yeast dough. Before a raskatyvaniye separate a part of the test. Roll bulk in layer, on edge make sides and lay preparation on a baking tray. Atop distribute a stuffing. Roll the laid dough on the board powdered with flour. A sharp vegetable peeler cut out letters or short words. It is for this purpose convenient to use in advance prepared cliche. Consider that inscriptions from the test have to be short, and letters - rather large. Lay an inscription on a stuffing, and then grease dough with a frothed eggs for formation of a ruddy crust. Bake a product until ready, and then cool. Decorate the closed biscuit pie with a sweet stuffing with icing sugar. Prepare a cliche from dense paper, having cut out internal parts of letters and an inscription. Arrange a cliche on pie and densely strew a surface with icing sugar. Accurately remove a cliche - on pie the inscription will be accurately visible. Very effectively the graceful lacy inscriptions executed from chocolate look. Kindle dark, milk or white chocolate on a water bath. Slightly cool it and pour in a plastic bag with the cut-off tip. On the sheet of paper write the necessary letters or words. Carefully squeezing out a chocolate paste from a package, depict contours of an inscription and let's glaze stiffen. Then accurately remove letters from paper, trying not to break them. Arrange chocolate inscriptions on a pie surface, having thrust them in cream vertically.

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