What kefir the most useful to a human body

What kefir the most useful to a human body

Kefir - fermented milk product which has beneficial influence on a human body. In principle all types of kefir have similar useful properties. They are distinguished by only a mass fraction of the fat which is contained in this product. What kefir the most useful?

All types of kefir have a large amount of useful properties. First, they are a calcium source. Secondly, improve work of all digestive tract and strengthen a cardiovascular system. Also any kefir brings benefit to the people wishing to lose weight. It not only promotes weight reduction, but also increases hemoglobin level in blood. And it protects the weakened organism at weight loss and prevents development of anemia. Kefir is fine natural antidepressant and supports a human body in a tone.

Different types of this dairy drink differs on time of maturing of bacteria. If it makes no more day, then such kefir has laxative effect. And here strong kefir (time of maturing of bacteria - three days and more) on the contrary - fixes. Such kefir is contraindicated to people with various diseases of an alimentary system, for example gastritis or an ulcer.

When choosing kefir it is necessary to consider content of fats in it. He can be fat (higher than 3.2%), nonfat (from 1 to 2.5%) and fat-free (less than 1% of the contents of fats).

Fat-free kefir is useful, first of all, at various diets. But at the same time it is badly acquired by a human body and may contain various harmful components. Also such kefir contains least of all vitamins and useful microorganisms. Fat-free kefir is shown to people with violations of work of kidneys as has diuretic effect.

The most useful kefir with an average mass fraction of fat (2.5%) is considered. It is easily acquired by a human body and has almost all useful properties characterizing this fermented milk product.

At a right choice of useful kefir it is also necessary to pay attention to its expiration date and packing. Natural kefir has to have a small expiration date - up to two weeks. As for packing, kefir is better stored in cardboard boxes or glass bottles.

Each consumer has to choose independently the most useful kefir for himself. But at the same time it is necessary to use the general recommendations which will help to make a right choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team