What krupyany porridges are dangerous by

What krupyany porridges are dangerous by

Grain is considered as one of the most useful products, with their use it is possible to prepare a set of dishes, beginning from simple porridges, finishing with multicomponent casseroles. But, as showed the last researches, excessive consumption of porridges can do much harm. What are krupyany porridges dangerous by?

Most of people consider porridges is indisputable a useful product, many of grain inexpensive, dishes from them are simple in production, grain contains useful cellulose and also a set of vitamins and minerals.

But not all grain is equally useful, but some of them can have negative effect on the state of health extremely. A huge lack practically of all krupyany porridges is existence of a large amount of starch which at hit in a stomach turns into glucose. Being based on it, physicians thought up a certain indicator - the glycemic index. Products which glycemic index 100 or approaches this figure are considered as the most harmful.


Ideal porridge for a breakfast, porridge contains the following minerals: aluminum, iron, a pine forest, in addition in porridge are available practically all vitamins from group B. Porridge is rich in cellulose: the glycemic index of this grain equals 55 from what it is possible to draw a conclusion that porridge doesn't cause sharp jumps of sugar in blood. However, except useful elements, porridge contains phytin acid which interferes with digestion of postupayemy calcium moreover at the same time removes already available. The shortage of calcium can lead to problems with skeletal system.

Millet cereal

Millet contains very many vitamins of group B and also magnesium which ensures full functioning of nervous system. On the content of sugars millet cereal also costs in the middle of rating. Pshenka is considered one of the least allergenic grain therefore is suitable for baby food. But the surplus of millet cereal can also do much harm, especially to the people suffering from disorder of digestion. Millet cereal causes swelling, the increased gas generation, a meteorizm.

Semolina porridge

One of the first grain which is used for a feeding up of small children. It is nourishing and nutritive, easily is acquired and is a protein source. However and with this grain everything is ambiguous: in semolina is practically absent vitamins and minerals, but it is a lot of sugar, the glycemic index is equated to pure glucose therefore people with an excess weight need to limit consumption of this porridge. In addition, semolina contains a lot of gluten which can provoke a necrosis of fibers in intestines which acquire nutritive matters. The phytin which is contained in semolina interferes with digestion of calcium therefore it isn't necessary to feed too often with semolina of small children, it can lead to development of rickets.

Rice porridge

The brown and raw rice of brown and dark grades is considered useful. The processed white rice practically doesn't contain vitamins, but at the same time has the high glycemic index and quite big caloric content.

Pearl-barley porridge

The set of amino acids which availability well affects the state of health and appearance of the person is a part of pearl barley. The people who are periodically using porridge from pearl barley remain young longer, they have wrinkles later. At pearl-barley porridge the lowest glycemic index therefore it is suitable for dietary food. Pearl barley is considered grain with the richest vitamin-mineral structure. But the surplus of pearl barley can also do much harm because of big amount of the protein containing gluten. There is an opinion that the surplus of dishes from pearl barley can lead to decrease in sexual inclination at men.

Buckwheat cereal

Buckwheat is an undisputed leader on the content of proteins and complex carbohydrates. Buckwheat cereal is recommended by nutritionists, it is suitable for an early feeding up. Buckwheat contains nearly two dozen of amino acids, essential for the person, and also a set of useful minerals and vitamins. Consumption of buckwheat cereal increases endurance and resilience to various diseases. From harmful properties of buckwheat cereal note only the following: the iron which is contained in grain is very badly acquired.

Any product, even the most useful, can do to an organism irreparable harm therefore it is better to alternate porridges, without giving preferences to the same grain.

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