What means to feed on Ukrainian

What means to feed on Ukrainian

Ukrainian cuisine is around the world well-known, popular and loved. The Ukrainian national dishes are cooked at restaurants of the different countries. Even in far Australia or Africa you can be treated with the Ukrainian borsch and dumplings.

Main "highlight"

The cuisine of Ukraine began the formation at the time of Kievan Rus'. And this process continued throughout several centuries. It came to the end as experts consider, with arrival to history of the Ukrainian cookery of eggplants and tomatoes. As without use of these vegetables it is impossible to imagine the modern ethnic cuisine of the Ukrainian people.

Certainly, Ukrainian cuisine and constantly is replenished today with new ingredients and culinary recipes. But its basis is invariable. The main feature, "highlight" of Ukrainian cuisine it is possible to call endless love to lard unmistakably. Participation of this product in preparation of national dishes is really national. Prepare fat in all available and even exotic ways: cook, fry, extinguish, smoke, salt, force them meat, and even use it at preparation of pastries and sweeties.

Business card

One more characteristic of the Ukrainian culinary specialists – to create a significant amount of options of one dish. For example, such popular national dish as dumplings. Dumplings are cooked potato and wheat, buckwheat and cottage cheese, with cheese, fat, ham, apples, from grain crackers and from custard paste. Concerning the business card of Ukrainian cuisine is, of course, a world famous Ukrainian borsch. This dish has about thirty versions and in the different areas of Ukraine is preparing differently. Vareniki by right are considered as the second most popular course of this country. Do them with various stuffings here: from potato with cabbage, to cottage cheese and berries.

Generous variety

Always it is possible to find in the menu of each Ukrainian family also such popular dishes as a liver, the bitka who are generously filled with garlic and fat, cabbage, stewed with fat, boiled pork, stuffed cabbage leaves. Ukrainian cuisine also is rich in fish dishes. Kruchenik, casseroles with sour cream and mushrooms do of a fresh fish. Fish is stuffed with buckwheat cereal, vegetables, extinguish with carrots and onions. The important place in national cuisine is taken by root crops among which beet is in the lead. Tomatoes, eggplants and also a paprika, cabbage and haricot are used too the range of dishes from eggs is quite widely Very various. Secheniki and grandmas, various omelets and fried eggs, eggs are a part of the majority of flour and sweet products. A large number flour and dishes – one more characteristic of Ukrainian cuisine. Not only for all the known pancakes and fritters are cooked in Ukraine. Here both pampushkas, and shulik, and grechanik, and lemesh, and pukhkenik, and verguna, and solozhenik. Here not the full list of dishes with which you will be fed in this generous hospitable country.

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