What means to pripustit in cookery

What means to pripustit in cookery

Dishes from stewed products are considered more tasty and more useful, than from boiled. During a pripuskaniye flavoring and nutritive matters almost don't go to broth, and all vitamins and also natural taste remain in products.

Young hostesses, seeking to please with seven tasty dishes of own preparation, can daily try to prepare something brand new. There is a set of the recipes suitable for preparation of healthy food for all family. But inexperienced hostesses some descriptions of process of preparation can nonplus.

Culinary terms

Sometimes it is difficult to understand that some words characterizing processing of products can mean. If the word "fry" still is somehow clear, then such terms as "spasserovat" and "pripustit" usually don't understand or confuse. But it is absolutely different things. Pan-frying means light frying of small cut vegetables in small amount of fat. Vegetables in the course of pan-frying it is necessary to stir slowly constantly so that each separate piece was covered with fat. And the pripuskaniye can be characterized as "boiling".

Pripustit – means to carry out thermal treatment of products with use of very small amount of liquid. Liquid – water or own juice – has to cover products only slightly. For ware in which the pripuskaniye is made it is desirable to choose a skintight cover.

What products pripuskat

It isn't necessary to confuse a pripuskaniye with cooking. Boiling means finishing products until ready in a large amount of water. For a pripuskaniye liquid is required in the minimum quantity, and the vessel at the same time needs to be closed. Products at the same time turn out not boiled, and kind of heated-up. Heating it is necessary to maintain absolutely small. It is possible to Pripuskat not only vegetables, but also meat, and grain, but at a mention in a compounding it is about vegetables more often. Readiness of stewed vegetables – when they not razvarenny, but a little crunchy. Readiness of grain – when it becomes friable, but not in a condition of porridge. Stewed meat has to be pierced by a fork well. It is necessary Pripuskat meat or vegetables in water, sometimes add a little oil. Mushrooms process in own juice. Chicken fillet or fish are pripuskat sometimes with addition in broth of lemon juice, wine. Except a usual pripuskaniye, that is superficial, there is also a deep pripuskaniye. It is already closer to boiling, but it is made on very small fire. Such sparing method of boiling is applied to the food having gentle pulp. If the deep pripuskaniye is necessary for products with dense pulp, fire is a little increased, but so that broth didn't begin to boil. When processing products thus they are completely covered with liquid.

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