What mushrooms can be picked in September

What mushrooms can be picked in September

In September to mushrooms expanse. There is no exhausting heat any more, quite often there are rains, but still quite warmly. These conditions love many mushrooms therefore they grow massively. It is possible to gather the whole bast basket "noble" and if carries – a bag of honey agarics.

"Noble" copies

In September it isn't surprising to meet at all the person at whom the basket is up to the top filled with mushrooms. This month perfectly is suitable for "silent hunting". So call pleasant pastime in search of mushrooms. If in your area there are fir forests, surely descend there. Move apart fir twigs and it is quite probable that you will see the whole family of cepes. By September they become important, big-bellied and them call respectfully boletuses. They seldom stand alone. Often it is possible to find the whole noble family.

Not only the boletus grows in September. Aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms which the people nicknamed noble too during this time literally arise from the earth. The first love the ditches dug around the wood, the housing estate, the coast of overgrown sandpits. And in an aspen forest it is possible to find the whole colony of krasnogolovik. You will find birch mushrooms on a moss, under the trees of the same name. Small fir-trees — too a home for these mushrooms.

Honey agarics

But not only from under the earth the desired gift of the nature will seem. In September the mushroom pickers are pleased by autumn honey agarics. They try to discover to themselves the place on krone of patients or the fallen trees. If carries, you will come out of the wood with the whole bag of honey agarics. They grow at huge colonies. The main thing is not to mix them with false copies. The baking plate a hat at honey agarics is "short skirt" of white color. Legs thin, hats in the revealed state big, almost flat, on them – the drawing in the form of small dark hyphens and points. But under this description also some toadstools approach. Therefore make the first trips behind honey agarics with the knowing people or before a campaign for mushrooms in September to the forest study how they look in the photo.

Other mushrooms

In an early autumn continue the victorious procession of a svinushka. They are fried, salted, pickled. At the end of September, chernushka join them. At this mushroom if to crack it, you will see the emitted liquid of white color. It bitter (it is impossible to try it – it is poisonous!). To remove bitterness, at first chernushka soak 5-6 hours in several waters, only then boil, and then salt. If it is correct to prepare them, these gifts of the wood become crunchy and tasty. Also prepare milk mushrooms, coral milky caps which like to grow in September too. At coral milky caps before soaking husk edges of a hat.

Stewed saffron milk caps in sour cream are good. You will surely try them if you go this month for mushrooms. If in July-August there were few chanterelles, they will make up for the emergence in September. They are perfectly combined with sour cream too.

And here russulas are more tasty with onions, in a fried look. These mushrooms too frequent guests of the September woods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team