What needs to be eaten for breakfast

What needs to be eaten for breakfast

Many are lazy to make for themselves a full-fledged breakfast, giving preference to excess 30 minutes of a dream. However long ago it is proved that it isn't necessary to eat sandwiches for breakfast or to drink coffee on the run and that the correct breakfast will present you good health and a charge of cheerfulness for all day.


1. The first place among products which need to be used for breakfast deservedly occupies orange juice. It contains such amount of vitamins and minerals which will last for you for all day. At will orange it is possible to replace with any other fruit or vegetable juice. But you remember that it is better to drink such juice not on an empty stomach as they can cause heartburn.

2. Dietitians recommend to eat for a porridge breakfast. The choice of grain depends on your flavoring addictions – buckwheat, rice, oats, couscous, булгур. And porridge will become more useful and more tasty if to replace sugar with honey and to add some fresh fruit or berries.

3. Sandwich, only can become fine option for a breakfast also if it is made of a rye bread and cheese, but not of long loaf and sausage. Long loaf in general should be excluded from a diet, he doesn't add energy, and is digested rather difficult. It is possible to add tomato or paprika to such sandwich.

4. A good and fast breakfast are eggs. And it can be as the cooked egg, and omelet with cheese or vegetables. Such option of a breakfast is considered the best for the man. Also you can offer the man for breakfast various casseroles, cheesecakes, fritters.

5. The advantage of yogurt is undoubted, however it is necessary to consider two things: in its structure there have to be live cultures with a minimum of additives, and on an empty stomach yogurt is useless as it is valuable as the assistant to digestion. Other dairy products is also suitable for a breakfast. They will help to adjust exchange processes in your organism. But for bigger advantage it is necessary to combine them with other products, for example, with porridge.

6. Cocoa is much more useful, than coffee and tea as it contains everything that is necessary for the excellent beginning of day – vitamins, minerals, protein. And what it isn't necessary to eat for breakfast, except already listed products? It is barmy pastries, sugar and such sweet fruit as persimmon, cold beverages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team