What nonalcoholic wine the best

What nonalcoholic wine the best

Recently distinctly the trend when the healthy lifestyle becomes needs of nature of the person considering himself really reasonable was outlined. Producers, considering it, create the food keeping everything useful qualities of analogs, but not making harmful effects on health. Nonalcoholic wine which can already be found also on shelves of the Russian shops also belongs to such products.

As do nonalcoholic wines

At the first production phases the manufacturing techniques of nonalcoholic wine differ in nothing from usual process. In the same way grapes are treaded out, wring out juice and leave it to wander. After process of fermentation comes to an end, usual wine is spilled on bottles or left to maintain in barrels.

Nonalcoholic wine at this stage is exposed to additional processing with use of heating or a "cold" dealkogolization by method of a reverse osmosis. The wine which didn't undergo heating is considered is more better as in this case it is possible to keep completely not only flavoring, but also useful qualities of this drink, all vitamins which are contained in it, minerals and natural antioxidants from group of flavonoids. Only alcohol and sugar doesn't remain.

However, absolutely it isn't possible to get rid of alcohol, its nonalcoholic wine all the same contains about 0.5%, but this amount of alcohol contains also usual fresh juice. After a dealkogolization, wine is spilled on bottles and delivered in shops.

What nonalcoholic wine choose

When choosing nonalcoholic wine it is possible to give preference to those brands which receive by method of a "cold" dealkogolization. The rest – business of your taste. Someone prefers unrestrained white dry wines, someone - red. To a table these wines select as well as usual – to fish and cheeses white grades of wines, approach meat better – red. But if you want to benefit more from consumption of wine, it is better to give preference to red grades. They as well as in usual red wine, contain polyphenols: anthocyanidin, tannins, catechin and others to which these wines are obliged in the ruby color and an astringent flavor. These polyphenols belong to group of antioxidants of the flavonoids protecting a human body from pernicious influence of ultraviolet rays and radiation. In red wine including nonalcoholic, it is more these substances, than in grape juice, and in their nonalcoholic wine it is even more, than in usual. Flavonoids destructively affect cancer cells and slow down processes of the regression caused by age changes in an organism. Consumption of red wines stimulates increase in level of lipoproteid of high density in blood that prevents atherosclerotic defeat of vessels, i.e. is prevention of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore it is more useful to drink red nonalcoholic wine, than white.

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