What oil best of all is suitable for frying

What oil best of all is suitable for frying

Frying means existence of high temperatures, the good frying pan is able to be warmed up to 200 °C and above. Not each oil is capable to sustain such heating, it can begin to burn, the normal flavor will be replaced with bitterness. Besides in it the cancerogenic substances directly menacing to human health can be formed.


1. The important criterion defining the cooking oil is good or not, temperature at which achievement over oil the light smoke begins to rise is considered. From this point oil whatever good it initially was begins to be transformed to quite dangerous substance. Smoke results from oxidation and the subsequent splitting of separate fatty acids on acrolein and other hazardous substances.

2. The first nonsaturated acids, the more their content in oil begin to be split, the earlier it will begin to smoke and the less is suitable for frying. The vegetable oils which are considered as especially useful, for example, not refined olive the Omega-3 and the Omega-6 of acids which are extraordinary important for human health contain a large number. They strengthen walls of vessels, dilute blood, reduce cholesterol level. And these acids begin to burn the first, hardly temperature will reach 150 °C that at once does such oil absolutely unsuitable for frying.

3. Therefore it is worth pouring into a frying pan only those oils which contain in the structure 50% and more than the saturated fatty acids capable to sustain considerable heating. Treat such oils: soy (begins to burn at 234 °C), sesame (230 °C), refined olive (230 °C), palm (220 °C), sunflower (220), coconut (200), grape seeds oil (190 °C), special margarine (170 °C and above). A desi isn't suitable for frying, but if to melt it, having removed from it liquid and milk protein, on it with success it will be possible to fry any products at a temperature up to 200 °C.

4. The greatest number of disputes is conducted around grades of olive oil. Define what of them is suitable for frying and what isn't present, very simply. It is necessary to look whether isn't present on the label of the words "cold extraction". Oil of a cold extraction begins to burn approximately at 160 °C. In the course of refinement, oil becomes more stable and is capable to transfer easily heating to 200 °C that at once does it suitable for frying.

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