What products harmful to a breakfast?"

What products harmful to a breakfast?"

Around the world many people refuse a breakfast for various reasons. But doctors, agree in opinion that it is obligatory to eat in the mornings. Morning food not only gives feeling of saturation, but also energy for all day. Nutritionists warn also about harmful products.

The most harmful products:

Processed cheeses – this product almost does not contain useful substances. Besides, contains a lot of fat. By councils the nutritionist is the best of all to exclude processed cheeses not only from a morning diet, but also in general.

According to nutritionists sausage is one of the most harmful products for health. Many cannot refuse morning sausage sandwiches. Therefore, experts advise sausage to replace with boiled meat.

Exclude fast breakfasts from the diet. Some people cannot refuse them. They are very convenient in preparation and demands not enough time for preparation. But doctors advise to pay attention not to convenience, and to quality. In such breakfasts there are almost no useful substances. Especially as all vitamins which are in these products underwent heat treatment.

Many consider the most suitable breakfast muesli. But this product contains too many hazardous substances. For example: sweeteners, fragrances, bad quality dried fruits. All this does not do this breakfast useful, and will add to you only excess calories.

Completely refuse cake cheeses. They contain huge amount of the most hazardous substances: sugar, vegetable fats, fragrances, thickeners. Such breakfast to you will do only harm. Therefore, doctors insistently I advise completely to refuse these products.

Refuse paketochny juice. They are done of the dried-up pulp to which add sugar and water. Therefore, best of all prepare independently natural juice in house conditions.

Pay special attention to quality of fruit. Import fruit usually deliver unripe to Ukraine, besides process them special chemistry at the expense of which fruit spet only in several hours. For these reasons, experts I advise to buy domestic fruit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team