What products help digestion

What products help digestion

The general condition of an organism and appearance of skin depends on normal work of intestines. Fast food and fast having a snack during the day negatively affect work of a GIT. We are able to help the stomach, just using the correct products promoting good digestion.

Our diet acts as responsible for failures in work of digestion. In the majority it consists of already processed products containing not enough cellulose. A large number of the half-finished meat occupying a lion's part of space of the fridge contains antibiotics thanks to which intestines receive less necessary nutritive matters and bacteria. Diets don't promote healthy flora in a stomach too. Any restrictions in food, or an emphasis in the diet only on several products, don't promise for a GIT nothing good.

Kefir will help to save a stomach from frustration. It is difficult to find more useful product. It contains a huge number of useful bacteria which occupy intestines and helps it to function correctly. Only one glass of kefir for the night is capable to improve quickly digestion and to help to avoid problems with a stomach during the day.

Cabbage. This vegetable contains a large amount of cellulose and is a universal product in any kitchen. It is possible to do salads of it, to fry, extinguish, add to borsch. Sauerkraut acts as the mansion. This nursery of useful bacteria and microorganisms is capable to fix problems with digestion quickly.

Beet. The root crop will come to the rescue at indigestions. Content of a large amount of cellulose and vegetable components, allocates beet with poslablyayushchy action.

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