What products need to be eaten at pregnancy

What products need to be eaten at pregnancy

Most of future mothers constantly think of what they eat. Similar reflections can be a source of a stress and alarm that is quite harmful to an organism. There are several products which need to be included in a diet.


1. Eggs — one of the most useful products. One egg contains a large amount of pure protein which is necessary for pregnant women, besides twelve minerals and vitamins are its part. Eggs are rich with substance the baking plate the name "is well-cared", this substance provides intellectual and physical development of the child, helps to prevent defects of development of a nervous tube. Eggs contain fatty acids which are important for development of sight and a brain. Besides, it is a tasty and useful product from which it is possible to prepare the mass of different dishes.

2. A salmon — ideal fish for pregnant women. First, he is a source of high-quality protein, secondly, in its structure huge amount of fatty acids an omega-3 which are necessary for formation of a brain of future child. The salmon contains absolutely small amount of methyl mercury which can do harm to health of the child. Nutritionists recommend to pregnant women to eat no more than two portions of a salmon a week to avoid possible glut of an organism mercury.

3. Bean — one more remarkable source of protein as they contain the largest amount of food fibers and amino acids. Thanks to food fibers bean cultures stimulate work of digestive tract that allows to avoid such problems as hemorrhoids or a lock.

4. During pregnancy it is worth leaning on orange vegetables, for example, a sweet potato or carrots. In orange color these vegetables are obliged to the high content of carotinoids, substances which the human body will independently transform to vitamin A. The excessive use of this vitamin B a "ready" look in which it can be found in milk and a liver can be quite dangerous, but it doesn't concern carotinoids. The clever organism will transform exactly so many carotinoids how many it is necessary for it to vitamin A.

5. Pregnant women need to include various whole cereals in the diet. Such cereals are rich with nutrients and food fibers. Among other useful substances the whole cereals include selenium, vitamin E and phytonutrients. These are special substances which can protect organism cages from negative impacts.

6. If you don't love eggs or fish, but you want to provide the child with acids an omega-3, taste walnuts. They are one of the richest vegetable sources of these acids. Walnuts can be used in pure form or to add to salads.

7. You shouldn't forget about a dairy products which are sources of the calcium necessary for future mothers. Consider that at a lack of calcium of food, the child will receive it from stocks of your own organism that can do harm to your skeletal system and teeth.

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