What seeds we eat

What seeds we eat

If to think, then it is possible to remember names of many seeds which eat. At first they need to be prepared in a certain way, some – to fry, boil, – to dry others, then it will turn out to diversify the food and to enrich it with vitamins.


1. Fans of the Borodino bread know that the special savor to it is added by edible seeds of a coriander. It is simple to receive them if you have the site. Put a coriander at the beginning of May, then in the middle of the summer you will have many seeds which are useful, differ in spiciness. Before dispatch for storage dry them in a shadow. It is possible to buy this spice in shop, and then to bake home-made "Borodino" bread.

2. If you bought or grew up pumpkin on a personal plot, then don't throw out its tasty seeds. To take them, cut a fruit on 4 parts, take out pulp a tablespoon and lay out it in a bowl. Fill in for 15 minutes with warm water, wash out pulp and separate from it seeds. Place them on fabric or parchment and dry. You store in a paper packet. If you want to regale on pumpkin seeds, then fry them in a frying pan where a little flavourless vegetable oil is poured. Prepare on small fire, stirring slowly. In the same way it is possible to prepare seeds of a squash and to gnaw them at a leisure.

3. The sunflower is grown up for the sake of its sunflower seeds. It perfectly grows not only in the south, but also in Moscow area. It is enough to put previously wetted sunflower seed to the fertile earth at the beginning of May as it will go to growth, and in the second half of summer will decorate the territory with the high black head with yellow bordering. That at this time birds didn't peck sunflower seeds, wrap up a sunflower head in fabric or tie to it a plastic bag. When seeds finally ripen, collect them, dry. Fry in the small portions and regale.

4. Gourmets can try carrots seeds. It is simple to buy them in shop for gardeners or to receive independently. For this purpose land at the beginning of May a big fruit of carrots on a bed. Soon it will give the top escape, then, will blossom, and subsequently on it seeds will ripen. Collect them and too dry up.

5. Add carrot seeds to a breading. For this purpose take 6 parts of the crushed crackers and by 1 part of carrot seeds, greens of a thyme and fennel. Mix everything and the original, useful breading is ready.

6. For this purpose it is possible to use a flax seed. Bread vegetable, meat cutlets by means of the cleaned, crushed sunflower seeds of pumpkin, sunflower. Fennel seeds are valuable too. Grind them, take 1 part, as much – garlic snowing slightly, add 8 parts (previously dried) white loaf crushed on the meat grinder. Mix ingredients and roll in them cutlets.

7. From habitual it is possible to mark out cereal cultures which seeds are eaten daily as a part of porridges, soups, casseroles, pancakes, bread. It: rice, buckwheat, barley, millet, wheat, rye, oats.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team