What spices add to the menu for weight loss

What spices add to the menu for weight loss

In the ancient time spices were one of the most expensive products, they were appreciated more expensively than gold. A black pepper which doesn't belong to exotic spicery today in the Middle Ages was highly appreciated incredibly. Spices improve taste of dishes, and sometimes even strongly change it. But some spices have a special quality - they can accelerate a metabolism, influence sugar level in blood, give the rejuvenating effect, influence favorably an organism and revitalize it.

It is required to you

  • - cinnamon (better choose cinnamon in the form of sticks)
  • - turmeric
  • - red burning pepper (choose pepper in the form of pods or in a coarse grinding, pepper of a fine crushing can be low-quality)


1. The following spices best of all are suitable for weight loss:

2. Cinnamon. This spice normalizes sugar level in blood, so, less glucose is delivered to storage in fat cells. Using cinnamon, you don't experience jumps of sugar and attacks of uncontrollable hunger, you keep sense of fulness longer. Cinnamon strengthens work of secretory systems of an organism, so, products of metabolism are removed more intensively and don't collect in fabrics. Spice normalizes work of intestines, eliminates locks.

3. Begin the day with cinnamon. Add it to the coffee or tea. If you prefer proteinaceous breakfasts, then it is possible to add a powder teaspoon to cottage cheese. The pleasant aroma and good mood for all day will become a bonus.

4. Cinnamon can be got in the form of powder or in the form of cinnamon sticks. It is better to try to buy sticks and to independently process them in the blender or the coffee grinder. So you will be precisely sure of quality of the acquired product. Powder can be made of bark of a low grade and won't have the necessary impact on your organism.

5. Chili pepper. This spice accelerates metabolism directly at the use and 2 more hours after meal work. Such action is caused by the capsaicin which is contained in it. This substance improves blood circulation, strengthens walls of vessels, reduces the level of cholesterol of low density, thereby preventing development of atherosclerosis. Under the influence of capsaicin the digestion improves, the organism produces more bile, necessary for digestion of fats. Capsaicin reduces the level of sugar, leptin, insulin therefore directly influences processes of a zhirootlozheniye in an organism. At regular consumption of red burning pepper the zhirootlozheniye slows down.

6. Turmeric. It as well as chili pepper, accelerates metabolism and influences sugar level in blood. Besides, the turmeric helps to struggle with insulin resistance - a state at which cages become irresponsive to insulin, owing to what don't receive enough food. Insulin resistance often accompanies excess weight and leads to type 2 diabetes. Besides, the turmeric improves regeneration of fabrics, promotes production of collagen, fights against inflammatory processes in an organism. So, this spice helps not only with fight against excess weight, but also gives the rejuvenating effect. A good occasion to include a turmeric in the menu!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team