What sports food is suitable for weight loss to men

What sports food is suitable for weight loss to men

Body weight — a question which concerns not only women, but also men today, especially if the man — the athlete. It is important to them to react constantly to changes of weight and to correct it it is dependent on needs. For this purpose, besides trainings, the special diet is necessary.

What is the sports food

Sports food — nutritional supplements on a basis:

  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • macro - and minerals;
  • plant extracts.

Their structure is balanced and favorably influences an organism. Athletes use them not only for control over weight, but also for prevention of violation of joints and ligaments, enrichment of a diet during avitaminosis seasons. Sports food does not do harm to an organism, but only on condition of moderate use. About a dosage it is necessary to learn previously from the instruction from the producer.

What sports food to choose for weight loss

Begin a diet for weight reduction with correction of a diet and its addition with sports food — especially as the organism subjected to constant physical exercises demands special substances. Sports food activates processes of an organism which lose weight. But you should not think that it will allow not to keep to a diet at all. Its purpose is to help to distribute and add what was eaten.

The market offers the extensive choice of types of sports food. Products, similar on the qualities, are united in big groups.


The name speaks about the main characteristic of these products: accepting them, the organism gets rid of fat deposits. Zhiroszhigateli is destroyed by excess carbohydrates and fats, but work only on condition of intensive physical exercises. The correct program of trainings and the developed diet exclude need of their use.

Whether you know? Zhiroszhigateli increase activity of exchange processes owing to what molecules of fats break up, emitting energy. This process is started by temperature increase of a body, as causes the need for additional calories. Thus, somewhat fat really burns down.


BCAA are amino acids with branched side chains. They are often called irreplaceable as the organism is not able to synthesize them from other amino acids. A leucine, valine, an isoleucine — three main components of this medicine. The most important, the leucine, helps growth of a cage and its division. It quickly recovers muscles after microgaps which occur at trainings. This complex of amino acids:

  • gives energy during the occupations;
  • accelerates a zhiroszhiganiye, without reducing muscle bulk;
  • maintains immunity which suffers from active physical exercises.


Trainings for the purpose of burning of weight should be held intensively, and in such mode the organism demands the increased amount of proteins.

We recommend to learn whether the protein is useful to human health and as it is correct to use it.

Compensation of necessary protein healthy nutrition — a task difficult. The use of a powder protein helps to cope with this task. Elimination of fatty tissues gives a scope for growth of muscle bulk. Level of need of a protein for men is higher, than for women as they have a bigger volume of muscle tissue.

Whether you know? The main sources of a protein are concentrates which are developed by production of cheese and milk.


This medicine does not destroy fats independently; its task is to direct them to that place where there is their removal from an organism. Such process is safer. This substance can be accepted in large numbers. The L-carnitine is as a part of many products, however it is destroyed by heat treatment. For maintenance of its due level in an organism it is necessary either to prefer a rawism, or to buy substance separately. Besides the main function, it:

  • helps to struggle with a stress;
  • reduces cholesterol level;
  • improves work of eyes;
  • activates brain activity.


The use of medicines for weight loss can be diversified with additional, but optional substances. An omega-3 — one of them. Its action is directed to decrease in level of fats which availability in an organism is extremely undesirable. Also this substance:

  • strengthens vessels and a cardiac muscle;
  • helps to improve a condition of an organism during the intensive physical occupations.

Vitamin and mineral complexes

The strengthened trainings and the use of water in the increased quantity wash away minerals from an organism. Reception of vitamin and mineral complexes helps to fill their shortcoming and to control necessary level.

Read in more detail about a role of vitamins B bodybuilding.

Blockers of fats and carbohydrates help to liquidate consequences of violation of a diet quickly. Use them right after meal, for elimination of fats and carbohydrates. But you remember that they should be accepted if you broke a diet only once. Constantly it is forbidden to do it as damages health.

Blockers of cortisol reduce the speed of formation of fats. Are necessary for fans of the strengthened trainings which provoke injuries. At microruptures of muscles promote their accelerated healing. Action of blockers is directed to requirements of male body.

Important! Do not confuse proteins with proteino-carbohydrates. The second help to gain weight at the expense of high caloric content.

Rules of weight loss

To remain in shape, do not forget about the corresponding rules and carry out them honestly:

  1. You should not stop sharply the use of products and to limit yourself in calories. Do it gradually.
  2. Eat often, but in the small portions.
  3. Use as little as possible greasy food. Pay attention to products with the high content of cholesterol.
  4. Exclude alcohol.
  5. Control amount of carbohydrates which you use. Replace difficult simple.
  6. Use protein in the increased amount of both vegetable, and animal origin.
  7. Eat freshly cooked dishes.
  8. Drink as much as possible water, not less than 3 liters a day.
  9. Eat food without hurrying, try to chew it carefully.
  10. Do not gorge on for the night. The last meal has to be not later, than in two hours prior to a dream.
  11. Start trainings not earlier than in 2 hours after meal. At this time limit yourself and in water.
  12. The best time for exercises — the first half of day and after 18:00.
  13. Establish the schedule of trainings, their frequency — not less than 3 times a week.
  14. The organism quickly gets used to physical activities. Change a set of exercises of times a month.
  15. Choosing exercises at the initial stage, be guided by personal preferences. It is important to start with pleasure.

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Important! Exclude intensive trainings right after a dream. For a sleepy organism such loading a big stress.

So, sports food helps to achieve desirable result in weight, liquidates consequences of temporary discrepancy of a diet, maintains health and adjusts work of a male body. And besides, its use increases efficiency of physical exercises.

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