What sweeties can be eaten during a diet

What sweeties can be eaten during a diet

The people watching the weight often hear phrases: "Sweet spoils a figure", "Sugar - empty calories", "Refuse sweet...". Familiarly, truth?

Scientists-physicians came to opinion that sweet is possible and it is necessary to use even at the most strict diet, the main thing, it is correct to choose delicacy. Glucose - the first supplier of energy, it is necessary for the correct work practically of all bodies. At consumption of sweet, serotonin - hormone of happiness and good mood is produced. Of course, you shouldn't use sweeties without measure, to anything good it won't lead therefore delicacy needs to be chosen consciously that from its use there was only an advantage.

Dried fruits are the most useful sweet having a snack. One handful will remove thirst for cakes, cookies and so forth to vrednost, without having done special harm to losing weight.

Dates - excellent replacement to candies and other delicacies, the most sweet and useful of dried fruits. They, unlike other sweeties, strengthen tooth enamel. Dates contain very many vitamins, minerals and useful substances. 10-15 dates eaten in a day normalize work of nervous system, well affect sight and a condition of skin, strengthen immunity.

Dried apricots (dried apricot) - is vitamin-rich also minerals, is shown for having a snack to people with the weakened sight having anemia which often have catarrhal diseases.

Raisin (dried grapes) contains vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B5) which are simply irreplaceable at central nervous system diseases and also iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and a set of amino acids. It can be added to porridges, cottage cheese or to eat on several pieces with tea.

Bitter chocolate

The product, irreplaceable even during the most strict diet (up to 15 g), sugar in it at least, but is a lot of cocoa. Cocoa promotes improvement of mood, improves mental capacities, gives energy.

Marshmallows and fruit candy

The products which are also resolved during a diet. In their structure fruit puree, protein and isn't enough sugar. The main thing to choose sweeties of white color, they don't contain dyes.

Fruit jelly

Consists of berry puree and agar-agar, contains a lot of iodine which positively influences work of a thyroid gland. Natural fruit jelly without artificial fragrances and sweeteners is worth choosing.

The main thing, in everything to know when to stop. Having a snack sweeties is having a snack, but not full meal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team