What the semisweet wine differs from sweet in

What the semisweet wine differs from sweet in

It is very difficult to understand a huge number of types and types of wines. On counters of shops constantly there are all new and new bottles attracting the names and forms. For example, sweet and semisweet wines. Interestingly, in what their difference.

What make semisweet and sweet wines of

For production of both types of wines grapes of the most various grades are used. The main requirement to grapes – the high level of sugar content. That grapes were completely sated with sugar, it can be removed a little overripe.

The sweet and semisweet wine is a little similar in the taste and aroma. It is all ботритис a tsinerea – a special fungus which develops in grapes. It gives such surprising and pleasant aroma to wine. This fungus is specially entered into wine material as it increases sugar content, destroys thin skins of grape berries, removes water from berry, leaving in it one juice and also promotes absorption in juice of aromas of a thin skin. Besides, the fungus absorbs tannins and acids from grapes.

Difference of a semisweet wine from sweet

Semisweet wines are very labor-consuming in preparation. Their fortress is no more than 15%, and a sugar content - from 3 to 11%. On reaching a certain amount of sugar and fortress it is necessary to stop fermentation. For this purpose reduce temperature of wine weight. The ready-made product will be pasteurized and stored in glass bottles. The period of storage of these wines is limited. Semisweet, as well as sweet wines, can be white and red. The taste of a semisweet wine is considered the easiest. For this reason this grade of wines is most popular. It neither sour, nor sweet that does it ideal practically for any feast. What is the sweet wine practically all know. This group of wines incorporates the greatest number of sugar. But the little know that acquaintances all enter cahors wine into this group, Tokai, muscats and a Malaga. Sweet wines have special quality – they improve the flavor profiles at long-term storage. These wines incorporate alcohol therefore treat to group of fortified. They are given to a dessert, and here to a main course it is better to give a semisweet wine.

With what it is necessary to give a sweet and semisweet wine

The difference of a semisweet wine from sweet leaves the marks and on food which moves to it. In many respects the choice of products has to depend on degree of sweet of wine. However can play a role and flavoring aroma of wine. For example, sweet Sotern French wine known to much is served with toasts from white loaf, pieces of a kiwi and foie gras. The Muscat wine is perfectly combined with spicy snack of a home cooking, and with any other simplest food. If you love a white sweet wine – serve to it fish. Sweet red wine is served port wine with cheese, chocolate, a sweet dessert.

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