What to feed the child for an afternoon snack with

What to feed the child for an afternoon snack with

The ideal plan of food of the child for all day consists of 5 meals: breakfast, the second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. But only the afternoon snack doesn't mean full-fledged dishes, and rather this time for having a snack. What to feed the kid with not to kill to him desire to eat for dinner, but at the same time not to leave hungry.

It is during the day very important to observe balance of foodstuff and to watch that the child received put amounts of protein, cellulose and vegetable fats. If for breakfast there was a porridge, it is one afternoon snack better to give a sour-milk dish – cottage cheese, cheesecakes, yogurt, cottage cheese casserole. And to add all this with drinking yogurt, kefir or bifilayfy.

If cottage cheese dishes were in the morning, in the second half of day the child can give grain. But not in a habitual type of porridges, and having disguised their baking plate a tasty dessert. For example, it is possible to bake a mannik with a berry syrup (cherry, seasonal berries). Oat flakes can be served as a part of cake or muffins, oatmeal cookies with dried fruits.

Not all children willingly eat vegetables and fruit. Means, a task of parents to so present these dishes that the child didn't understand what there is hidden. For example, apple can be crushed in dough for fritters or to hide them in cottage cheese casserole and a pudding. Carrots, by the way, too perfectly are suitable for casseroles and even pies. In ready pastries the taste of carrots is almost not felt, and useful substances remain.

And sweet teeth can be indulged with home-made candies from dried fruits. Take dates, dried apricots, raisin, prunes or dried cherry in equal proportions. Small crush everything in the blender. Fill in with boiled water and let's stand minutes ten. Add vanillin and powdered milk (or mix). Create small balls from the received weight, roll in them in coconut flakes and remove in the fridge for one hour. The useful and tasty afternoon snack is ready!

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