What to make that peas boiled soft quicker

What to make that peas boiled soft quicker

Peas - quite nutritious product. Many love pea soup or puree, but cook these dishes infrequently for the reason that cooking takes a lot of time. Really, on a razvarivaniye of peas more than two hours are required, however there are small cunnings allowing boil soft it twice faster.

Before cooking of a dish it is necessary to choose the ""correct"" peas. Whole peas are considered more useful chipped, however it boils soft twice longer therefore if you wish to prepare a dish at short notice, then choose chipped. It is considered that peas of a grade of Idaho boil soft quicker than the others therefore upon purchase of a product look for it on the shelf.

What to make that peas in soup boiled soft quicker

Well wash out peas in cold water then put it in a bowl and fill in with water of room temperature, leave for swelling at least for 10 hours. If you have no so much time, then previously within 10 minutes calcinate peas in a dry frying pan, mixing each 30 seconds then pour out it in cold water and leave at least for about 30 minutes.

Take a pan (better with a thick bottom), put in it the washed-out peas, fill in with a clear water (water has to be one centimeter higher than peas level) and put on strong fire. After boiling you cook a product within 10-15 minutes then sharply pour out a glass of ice water in a pan. Again bring pan contents to the boil and continue to cook at least 40-50 more minutes on slow fire. After time add to a pan the necessary amount of water, vegetables (if you do soup), boiled meat. In 10 minutes until ready of all vegetables salt a dish (very important not to salt peas at the beginning of cooking as process of a razvarivaniye will happen much longer).

If you want to cook pea soup in only 30-40 minutes, then in this case surely presoak peas for the night in water, and before cooking just process peas in the blender and put it in a pan together with other vegetables. It is considered that peas pretty fast boil soft if at its cooking to add a little soda to the boiling water. In fact the speed of a razvarivaniye remains the same, however the ready-to-eat meal gains unpleasant smack.

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