What to prepare from amasi

What to prepare from amasi

If milk soured – it isn't necessary to pour out it. From it it is possible to prepare a set of tasty dishes: cottage cheese, fritters and pancakes, pies, pies and vareniki and also vegetable snack and soups.

Recipe of soup tarator

This dish of Bulgarian cuisine – cold soup popular also in Macedonia. He moves, as a rule, before second courses or along with them. An essential ingredients of soup a tarator are amasi, a cucumber, walnuts and garlic. For preparation of this dish it is required: - ½ glasses of amasi;

- ½ glasses of water; - 1-2 fresh cucumbers;

- 1 tablespoons of kernels of walnuts; - 1 garlic glove; - ½ eggs; - 1 tsps of greens; - 1 tablespoons of vegetable oil; - salt. Connect amasi to water and properly shake up. Clean cucumbers from a thin skin and cut small into cubes. Peel garlic glove, miss through a press and pound with salt. Crush a half of hard-boiled egg a knife. You istolkit kernels of walnut in a mortar. Then fill in the cut cucumbers with a creamed mixture of amasi with water, add the garlic pounded with salt, chopped egg, fill soup with vegetable oil, strew with the crushed greens and pounded walnuts. To a table the tarator is served soup cold.

The recipe of snack from squash

For preparation of juicy spicy snack from squash with gas station from amasi it is necessary to take: - 750 g of squash; - 500 ml of amasi; - 5 garlic gloves; - fennel greens; - red sweet sprinkling pepper; - butter. Clean squash and cut with circles, approximately on centimeter thickness. Then lower in the added some salt boiling water, add several branches of fennel and boil until ready. Catch circles of squash a skimmer, put on a paper towel and dry. Then transfer to a dish. Peel garlic gloves, miss through a press, put in amasi and properly mix. Pour the prepared dressing over squash. Kindle a desi (it if desired can be replaced vegetable) in a small stewpan, add to it a red paprika, stir and before giving to a table flavor with this mix squash.

Recipe of cake

Certainly, pastries are the most popular way of use of amasi. To make cake on amasi, it will be required: - 3 glasses of amasi; - 2 glasses of sugar; - 1 glass of semolina; - 3 glasses of flour; - 4 eggs; - ½ tsps of soda; - any fruit, berries or nuts. Mix dry ingredients in a deep bowl: flour, soda and granulated sugar. Fill in semolina with amasi and set aside for about 15-20 minutes for swelling. Then connect all components. Pour out the bulked-up semolina in flour mix, add the fruit selected according to taste, berries or nuts. It can be cherry and raisin without stones, dried apricots, tinned pineapples pieces, black and red currant, plums, apples, the crushed kernels of walnuts, etc. Hammer eggs into the prepared weight and carefully mix everything. Dough of consistence of dense sour cream has to turn out. Pour out it in a silicone or heat resisting mold and put in the oven warmed up to 200 wasps. Time of baking of cake – 50-60 minutes.

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