What to prepare from bananas and berries

What to prepare from bananas and berries

Bananas and berries – the suitable duet for light having a snack, a rich dish or a graceful dessert. It is rather nourishing to satisfy hunger, and it is vitamin-rich to strengthen health. It is the great choice of products for a full-fledged breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack or a dinner.

Dietary smoothie from bananas and berries


- 1 cups of fresh berries (blackcurrant, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry and so forth); - 1 banana;

- 1 cups of drinking yogurt of low fat content.

It is better to wipe berry raspberry or blackberry puree through a close-meshed sieve that smoothie didn't turn out "granular".

Wash out berries and dry on a paper towel. Put them in a bowl of the blender and pound in uniform puree. Also arrive with banana, previously having cut it into cubes. Connect both fruit masses in one ware and pour in cold yogurt. Mix everything a spoon and let's stand 2-3 minutes, then shake up, having replaced a blender nozzle with cocktail. Pour smoothie on two high glasses and give as light having a snack.

Pie from oat flakes with bananas and berries

Ingredients: - 2 bananas; - 1 articles of a fresh or frozen berries; - 1 cups of small oat flakes; - 1 cups of milk; - 1 egg; - 3 tablespoons of liquid honey; - 0.5 tsps of baking powder; - 0.5 tsps of cinnamon; - on 1 tsp of icing sugar and vanillin. Cut bananas not thick circles and lay in the round shape for pastries laid by a foil. Cover them with a half of a portion of the fresh or defrozen at the room temperature berries. Season all with a cinnamon pinch, water 1 tablespoon of honey, cover with the second leaf of a foil and put in the oven warmed to 190oC for 15 minutes. Mix flakes, baking powder, the cinnamon remains. Get the baked fruit from an oven, remove silvery paper and strew hot berries with a dry-mix. Shake up in other ware egg with milk, vanillin, 2 tablespoons of honey and pour in a form, trying to soak porridge evenly. Put from above the remained berries and bake pie of 30-40 minutes. Strew lightly it with icing sugar and cut on triangles.

Bananas of a flambe with berry sauce

Ingredients: - 2 bananas; - 1 tsps of a refiner syrup; - cinnamon pinch; - 30 g of a desi; - 1 tablespoons of cognac; For sauce: - 1.5 articles of fresh berry mix; - lemon quarter. Cut bananas on longitudinal halves. Kindle a desi and fry in it fruit chunks 3-4 minutes from each party to a zolotistost. Powder them with a refiner syrup, cinnamon, you sprysnit cognac and set fire by means of a match. Don't stand too close to a plate not to burn. Wait until the flame goes out, and remove ware from fire.

If berries too sour, a little sugar is admissible to add to sauce, but don't overdo, otherwise the dessert will be too luscious.

Crush berries in the blender or the food processor and wipe the turned-out gruel through a sieve. Vent sauce with fresh lemon juice. Lay out bananas of a flambe on a flat plate and generously water with sour sauce.

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