What to prepare from small potato?

What to prepare from small potato?

After harvesting and a partition quite often there is a lot of small potato. It is a pity to throw out her. And why to do it if from her it is possible to prepare incredibly tasty dishes?

What? Some hostesses, for example, bake it with onions and fat or as option, with mushrooms. Others - just fry in a frying pan with addition of fragrant spices and spices. The third - extinguish in sour cream with greens. But on it the choice of recipes doesn't come to an end. And here what it is possible to prepare from small potato still.

Fried potatoes in a frying pan

Boil root crops on couple (for this purpose it is possible to use a colander). Pour on a frying pan with the warmed vegetable oil and slightly stewed onions and garlic, to mix. Cover. Allow to potomitsya minutes 10 and a tax to a table. It turns out very tasty!

Potato chips

Cut root crops on thin slices and fry in a frying pan, on a large amount of oil. For aromatization and obtaining unusual taste it is possible to add slightly some garlic, the peeled walnuts or any seasonings. Also don't forget to salt a dish!

Potatoes in an oven with rosemary

It is good to wash out the crude fruits, properly to dry, lay out in a baking pan. Add rosemary (1 tablespoon on 1 kg of potatoes) and any other spices which are pleasant to you. Remove in an oven for half an hour. Get, cool, clean also a tax to a table.

Small potato with chicken

Chicken thighs carefully to wash up, rub with mix of pepper, salt and garlic, to remove in the fridge for pickling. In 30 minutes to get, lay out in the middle of a form. At the edges of ware to put potatoes, skinless and cut on quarters. Cover a form with a foil and put in the oven heated to temperature of 180-200 degrees. In 40 minutes to remove a foil, in 5-8 minutes to take out ware. Spread out ready potato on plates together with meat and a tax to a table. 

As the conclusion

As you can see, recipes for small potato really much. You can try to prepare on any of them - at you surely everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team