What to prepare from wild strawberry

What to prepare from wild strawberry

Wild strawberry – fragrant sweet berry. It contains huge amount of useful substances, so necessary for an organism: vitamin C, carotene, essential oils and minerals. Regale on a wild strawberry also fresh, and cook from it jam, teas, infusions, compotes. And use not only berries, but also leaves of this surprising plant.

It is required to you

  • Strawberry jam:
    • 1 kg of wild strawberry;
    • 1 kg of sugar.
    • Wild strawberry compote:
    • about 1/3 3-liter jars of berries of a wild strawberry;
    • 300 g of sugar;
    • Strawberry tea:
    • dried leaves and berries of a wild strawberry;


1. Strawberry touch varenyeyagoda, then well wash a baking plate with flowing water. Put them in a pan or a basin in which you will cook jam, and fill up with sugar. Leave for 5-6 hours that berries started up juice.

2. Put ware with berries on slow fire. Bring to the boil. Stir slowly from time to time that jam didn't burn. Remove the appearing skin.

3. Boil a wild strawberry even minutes 10-15. Then remove from a plate and leave before full cooling. After jam it is possible to pour on banks and to remove for the winter, and it is possible to regale on it right now.

4. Touch compote from a zemlyanikiyagoda, well wash and put in bank. Prepare a sugar syrup. Mix 300 g of sugar with water liter, put on average fire and bring to the boil. Sugar has to be dissolved completely.

5. Then fill in with this syrup a wild strawberry, close a dense cover and leave to cool down. When compote cools down to room temperature, he can be moved away in the fridge. In 1-2 days, compote will be ready-to-serve.

6. Strawberry dry up a chaylesny wild strawberry together with shanks and leaves in the sun and put in a cotton sack. At preparation of tea you need 3-4 tablespoons of a product on water liter.

7. Boil water. Scald boiled water a ceramic teapot. Fill a dried wild strawberry, wait for minutes 5-10. Then fill in berries with hot water. Cover and leave for 15-20 minutes.

8. Now it is possible to pour fragrant strawberry tea on cups. If desired it is possible to add honey or couple of teaspoons of sugar to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team