What to replace savoiardi in tiramisu with

What to replace savoiardi in tiramisu with

The well-known Italian dessert won love of most of admirers of sweet. It is possible to prepare it in house conditions. Such ingredient as the real Italian cookies of savoiardi can become the only difficulty.

What is the tiramisu?

Tiramisu is the most popular Italian dessert. History of cake begins in the 17th century. Then, tiramisu was cooked in the form of soup. Later it turned into a delightful dessert with unique taste.

In translation from Italian, the name of cake sounds as "lift me upward". It is connected with its ease and lightness. Besides the mild flavor of coffee and chocolate has the invigorating effect.

For preparation of cake such products as mascarpone cheese, cookies of savoiardi and Marsala wine are surely used.

What does savoiardi differ from usual cookies in?

Savoiardi is necessary ingredient of cake of tiramisu. This sponge-type cookie of the extended form. From above cookies are strewed with sugar grains. Thanks to the structure, cookies very well absorb liquid and become gentle and soft.

What to replace savoiardi with?

Buy such cookies in any shop it won't turn out. Probability that you will find these cookies — is very small. But, instead of long search, it is possible to try to replace it with other cookies, or to prepare independently. Excellent replacement for cookies of savoiardi is familiar all cookies "Ladies' Fingers". These cookies in the structure are similar to savoiardi cookies, but it is cooked from shortcake dough. At preparation of cake of Tiramisu it is necessary to spend a little more efforts, for impregnation of cookies. But if you nevertheless want to try the true taste of tiramisu, it is possible to make savoiardi independently. For preparation of the real Italian cookies it is required: 3 eggs, 100 g of granulated sugar, 70 g of carefully sifted flour, 40 g of icing sugar, salt, oil, margarine. Warming up of an oven to 180º.Затем will be the first step to preparation, it is necessary to separate the yolks from the whites. At first we use yolks. We take 3 yolks and 70 g of granulated sugar. We mix them, and then we shake up the mixer before formation of a skin. After there was a foam, add flour. Now operating time with protein came. Egg white of 3 eggs should be beaten also before emergence of foam then, it is necessary to connect the received masses. Further, we grease a baking tray with margarine and slightly we sprinkle with flour. Then, by means of the confectionery syringe, we squeeze out on a leaf of a stick about 10 cm long. For convenience, it is possible to bake cookies one whole layer, and after preparation to cut on equal sticks. Before sending cookies to an oven, it is necessary to strew it with a half of mix of 40 g of powder and 30 g of sugar. And to pour out the rest in 10 min. The appetizing golden type of cookies will tell about its full readiness.

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