What tomatoes salads happen

What tomatoes salads happen

Tomatoes well are suitable for the summer menu. They will impact to a dish fresh relish and also a shade of acid or sweet, depending on a grade. For example, with them it is possible to make a set of various salads, both vegetarian, and meat.

Make classical Italian Kapreze salad. Cut tomatoes and mozzarella with circles. Lay out them on a plate, alternating tomatoes and cheese. Add several drops of balsam vinegar and basilicas. It is the best of all to select tomatoes for such salad with smaller amount of juice, and with big - pulp.

Make warm salad in the Spanish style. For this purpose cut one large carrots circles and fry in a frying pan until ready, having added vegetable oil. Then grate 200 g of cheese and add to hot carrots for 1-2 minutes. Lay out the turned-out weight in a bowl. At tinned olives remove stones. Take about 50 g, cut them into cubes, as well as 2-3 tomatoes. Lay out in a bowl to carrots and mix. Salt and pepper.

Enrich the menu with Pyemontaz salad. For this purpose boil 3-4 potatoes and 2 eggs, cut ingredients into cubes. Add to them 200 g of the ham cut on strips and also the crushed 2-3 tomatoes and pickles. Cut in salad of a little fresh parsley or other greens and dress with its mayonnaise. Learn the recipe of salad from French cuisine - Nisuaz. As follows from the name, this recipe is especially popular in Nice and in general in French riviera. There are several versions of the recipe, but Nisuaz with anchovies is most known. For it take 500 g of small tomatoes, for example, of a grade of "Cherry". Cut them. Boil 2 eggs, crush and add to a salad bowl. Cut 1-2 Bulbs very small, and then for a while fill in with water to remove excessive bitterness. Add salad with the crushed fresh cucumbers - about 300 g, garlic, paprika. Mix everything, add basilicas and fill with olive oil. Serve salad on one plate with tinned anchovies. Use original combinations of vegetables and meat for salad. For this purpose boil 400 g of green beans. Fry in a frying pan 400 g pork \ы, cut into cubes, having strewed it with sesame and having added a little soy-bean sauce. In the same place prepare mushrooms. Make salad portion. On a bottom of each plate lay out lettuce leaves, and then - mix of meat, haricot and mushrooms. Pour over them dressing from sesame oil, vinegar, sugar and salt. From above lay out the cherry tomatoes cut in half.

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