What types of vinegar happen

What types of vinegar happen

Vinegar – the product known from far antiquity. It was used also in medicine as the disinfecting means, and added to various dishes and sauces, and even cleaned ware. Today there is a huge number of types of vinegar, each of which is used by the person in definite purposes.


1. It is considered one of the best and expensive looks of vinegar balsam. It is done in the north of Italy of grapes of white grades with high content of sugar. Production time of such vinegar – 12 years. At the same time every year, due to evaporation, the product decreases in volume by 10%. As a result of ready vinegar remains not so much. For example, from a hundred-liter barrel no more than 15 liters of a product turn out. For this reason its cost high. However, despite high cost, balsam vinegar is widely applied in the Italian cookery. It is added to salads, soups, desserts, marinades for fish.

2. Rice vinegar is widespread in the Asian countries. It is light, red and black. Such vinegar is received from alcoholic rice beverages. The product has sweetish aroma with a bright wood shade. Light and red vinegar is used, as a rule, in preparation of sweet-sour dishes, sushi, various salads, sauces and marinades. And black use as table seasoning more often.

3. And here in the USA give preference to apple cider vinegar more and more. It is made of apple cake or of cider. It contains many useful substances, vitamins and minerals. Apple cider vinegar is added to marinades for meat and fish, by salads, sauces, drinks. Also it is applied in various improving diets and courses of rejuvenation.

4. Very often in cookery use wine vinegar. It is white and red. Produce it by a sbrazhivaniye of wine or grape juice. Such product has a pleasant odor and taste. It is used in various salads, soups, meat dishes, marinades.

5. The malt vinegar which is done of the rewandering beer wort is popular in Great Britain. It represents yellow or light brown liquid with a mild flavor and fresh fruit aroma. It is added to marinades for vegetables and fish and also used at conservation of various products.

6. In the south of India, Philippines and in the southeast countries of Asia cook coconut vinegar. It has a sweetish strong taste. It perfectly is suitable for seasoning of salads, pickling of pork and meat of chicken. Coconut vinegar contains many vitamins, minerals and also the natural prebiotic flora improving digestion process.

7. The bright saturated taste and specific aroma has reed vinegar. It is received from syrup of cane sugar. Make it on Philippines and in the south of the USA. Add such product to fried meat, bird and fish dishes.

8. Besides natural, vinegar is also synthetic. As a rule, do it of a sawdust. It is very popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Such vinegar is added to salads, marinades, soups, sauces, used at conservation. In addition, with its help descale from a teapot, clean metal ware, wash out sewer pipes from blockages.

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