What unusual can be prepared from apples

What unusual can be prepared from apples

Reasons for culinary experiments never happen to apples a little. This fruit is useful, and, above all - is available all the year round, and each grade differs in special taste. Also apples in various look are great, from them it is possible to prepare not only desserts.

Apple "cheese"

From five kilograms of apples it is necessary to remove a thin skin, to choose a core and to cut on thin slices. The prepared raw materials are poured in one and a half kilograms of sugar and allowed to stand. In two days it is necessary to merge the appeared juice and to cook it on slow fire before reduction of volume twice. After that add two thirds of segments to a pan and continue to cook, in an hour enter the remained slices of apples and a half of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and cook half an hour more. As soon as weight begins to lag behind walls, it is shifted in a sack from several layers of a gauze and place a baking plate a press for two days. Simpler option of preparation: half a kilo of the cleaned apples small to cut and weld to density with a glass of water then to wipe through a sieve and also to put a baking plate a press. 

Soaked apples

Late-ripening apples, suitable for storage, carefully touch, delete all bruise fruits, wash and place in a tub tails top. On a bottom and between layers lay cherry or blackcurrant leaves. Separately mix 100 g of sugar, on 50 g of salt and rye flour, make everything boiled water and fill in with the received mash apples. After that they are covered with a wooden circle and pressed down cargo that liquid was three-five apples higher see the Tub put to the cool place for 30 days, adding water or a mash in process of evaporation. 

Apple seasonings 

The taste of apple horse-radish for which it is necessary to mix only two polished apples, a glass of grated horse-radish, a tablespoon of sugar and on five tablespoons of curdled milk and apple cider vinegar approaches cold meat. Salt is added to taste after stirring. Apple mustard suits for hot dishes. For its preparation it is necessary to bake, clean and grate three sour apples and to mix puree with three tablespoons of dry mustard. Separately boil three tablespoons of white wine vinegar, having added two spoons of sugar, it is a little salt, on couple of inflorescences of a carnation and peas of pepper. Pour in a warm marinade in puree and insist in the fridge about three days. 

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