What vegetables it is useful to eat in the spring?

What vegetables it is useful to eat in the spring?

With arrival of spring the children's organism is weakened and demands restoration. Vitamins from pharmacy not to solve a problem, the good healthy nutrition is necessary. Vegetables for a children's organism are a source of useful substances and vitamins which positively influence work of intestines, intensify processes of digestion and increase appetite.

The most useful vegetables it is carrots, potatoes, fresh cabbage, radish, a cucumber, pepper, lettuce leaves, green onions in the spring. A part of these vegetables it is possible and it is even necessary to use in the raw in salads, and others can be steamed that will allow to keep vitamins and minerals.

The amount of the used vegetables in a diet of the kid has to be limited. If the child isn't three years old, then his norm 200 grams of vegetables a day. For children from 300 to 400 grams a day are more senior. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage help to produce gastric juice that in turn will improve appetite. Lettuce leaves except digestion improvement, help to strengthen walls of blood vessels and well influence nervous system.

Begin meal with a small portion of light salad that the kid ate also a main course. In the most ordinary potatoes there are carbohydrates, amino acids, salts of some metals which favorably influence an organism of the kid. Carrots in the raw are very badly acquired by a children's organism, and carrot juice easier and quicker. Only 50 grams of juice, replace one small carrots. It is the best of all to bake or boil potatoes.

In the city practically all vegetables are bought in shop or in the market therefore to choose useful vegetables in the spring a difficult task. Main problem nitrate content. Vegetables of the average sizes contain less nitrates, than in larger fruits. To minimize their contents wet for half an hour vegetables in cold water. We delete a peel from fruits, and at cabbage surely we cut out cabbage stump. Buy vegetables in the checked shops or from acquaintances. At the same time fruits have to be firm, without damages. It is necessary to store vegetables in the cool and dry place. You remember, the best vegetables are those which grow in your region.

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