Wheat porridge: advantage and harm

Wheat porridge: advantage and harm

In old times wheat porridge was considered as a rich and available dish. Before it just ate, without thinking of advantage and harm. Now the structure of this product is well studied: some facts of positive and negative influence of wheat porridge on a human body became known to nutritionists.

Wheat porridge: advantage

First, wheat porridge in itself is quite nutritious product. It contains a set of useful substances and minerals. For example, on a condition of hair and bones of the person the positive impact is made by such minerals as calcium and phosphorus, and the potassium which is contained in this porridge, is necessary for vessels and capillaries. Besides, wheat porridge contains nucleinic acids, important for maintenance of immunity of the person, and has the all-strengthening effect on an organism, being a perennial spring of force. For this reason wheat porridge perfectly is suitable for food of the people experiencing constant physical activities in life.

Secondly, wheat porridge is a source of the major assistant in digestion of the person – celluloses. Constant consumption of this porridge will help an organism to get rid of toxins and slags and also to restore normal fat metabolism in cages. Moreover, the cellulose which is contained in this product normalizes work of intestines and promotes clarification of an organism.

Thirdly, wheat porridge – fine antioxidant. Its consumption promotes decrease in level of cholesterol in blood of the person and to improvement of work of his digestive organs. Also wheat groats influences decrease in level of glucose in blood. By the way, for this reason the doctors recommend to eat this nutritious porridge to the people having diabetes. Fourthly, together with consumption of wheat porridge such important vitamins as A, B, E, C and SS get into a human body. They promote stimulation of work of nervous system, maintenance of sight and improvement of a condition of skin. Fifthly, wheat porridge – a low-calorie product. Only 87 kilocalories are the share of 100 grams of this nutritious product. It is easily acquired by an organism therefore often is a part of various diets for weight loss. It is also worth noting that wheat porridge is used also for preparation of baby food.

Wheat porridge: harm

However wheat porridge can do also harm to an organism. Because of its influence on acidity of a stomach porridge isn't recommended to use to the people having gastritis. You shouldn't be fond too of this product and to adult men as wheat porridge can promote decrease in their potency and reproductive abilities. Consumption of wheat porridge in large numbers isn't recommended also to pregnant women.

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