Where it is more vitamin A, than in carrots

Where it is more vitamin A, than in carrots

"Carrots are useful to sight" - it is possible to hear often. Yes, it is valid, useful vitamin A in carrots is enough that at the constant and long use to strengthen and improve sight. Vitamin A also raises the immune system and reduces risk of heart diseases. But not only carrots contain so valuable vitamin. There are also some other products considerably surpassing carrots in amount of vitamin A. What products are?

Distinguish two types of vitamin A, one of which animal origin (Retinolum), and the second – vegetable (beta carotene). As both types of vitamin A are important for an organism, naturally, for its completion you shouldn't be limited to consumption only of one carrots. There are some products, vitamin A content in which surpasses carrots. For comparison one portion of fresh carrots (on half-cups) contains 10692 ME Retinolums and 0.534 mg of beta carotene. It should be noted that practically all products of orange color incorporate vitamin A.

Pumpkin puree

One cup of pumpkin puree contains about 14000 ME of Retinolum and 0.7 mg of beta carotene. Canned food from pumpkin and pie with a pumpkin stuffing contains vitamins too though the last, obviously, also contains still sugar and fats.

The sweet baked potato (sweet potato)

One average sweet potato baked in an oven is rich in 22000 ME Retinolums and 1.1 mg of beta carotene, and these are 440 percent from the daily recommended vitamin A consumption dose. In such dish besides there is more potassium, than in bananas.

Cod-liver oil

The cod-liver oil having the high content of fatty acids of Omega-3 group strengthens vessels of a warm system, purifies skin and also bears a set of other effects, useful to an organism. In one tablespoon of cod-liver oil there are more than 13000 ME of Retinolum and 4 mg of beta carotene that in 8 times more, than in a carrots half-cup.

Salad from cabbage of Calais 

Curly cabbage - a dietary product and a well of nutritive matters, including vitamin A - about 71000 ME of Retinolum and 3.5 mg of beta carotene in four cups that makes 500 percent from a daily diet of consumption of vitamin C and 3000 percent - vitamin K.

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