Where to take vitamins in the spring?

Where to take vitamins in the spring?

By spring the human body is exhausted, it lacks vitamins. Usually spring avitaminosis is shown in the general fatigue, exacerbation of chronic diseases and unstable mood, insomnia.

Before buying pharmaceutical polyvitamins, it is necessary to learn how properly to eat, find out what vitamins B your organism aren't enough.

  • Bleeding of gums can arise because of a lack of vitamin C (squash, green peas, cabbage, apples, a kiwi, tomatoes, carrots, a garden cress, a dogrose).
  • Depression, differences of mood, nervousness - group B vitamins (   B1, B5, B6, B12: vitellus, bean, nuts, mushrooms, broccoli, porridges, caviar, beef liver, cottage cheese, milk).
  • Cracks in corners of lips - B2 (chicken, beef, buckwheat, mushrooms, eggs, rice, white loaf).
  • Anemia, problems with intestines - B9 (green vegetables, a chiselly bread, honey, yeast, bean).
  • Deterioration in sight in night-time - vitamin A (beef liver, cod liver, fat grades of fishes, eggs, milk, butter).
  • Peeling of head skin, dry hair - vitamin H (beef liver, yeast, bean, a cauliflower, nuts, spinach, tomatoes).
  • Muscle weakness - vitamin E (soyaoil, sunflower oil, germinated wheat, walnuts, a filbert, soy).  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team