Whether apple for the night during drying is possible

Whether apple for the night during drying is possible

Apple – fruit not only tasty, but also very useful. Let's understand whether apple enters a diet of athletes, including in the course of drying of a body. Whether it is possible to eat this fruit before going to bed when the organism is tuned into rest?

Drying of a body – the term meaning a number of the actions (a special complex of trainings, healthy nutrition and so forth) used by beginners and professional athletes for decrease in mass of a fat layer of an organism and increase in muscle bulk. Sometimes drying is useful also on medical indications, for example, to people with the excess body weight leading to heart and vascular diseases.

Food allowance during drying of a body

The basic principle of a diet during drying of a body – reduction of caloric content of food eaten during the day. Products with the high glycemic index (sugar, chips, confectionery), fast carbohydrates (flour products, a confectionery delicacy, drinks with gases, ketchups and mayonnaise, some fruit), fats are completely excluded from a diet (some types of meat and dairy products, salted pork fat pork (fat), oils and margarine, halvah, chocolate and so forth).

On replacement to the "wrong" products enter the products promoting reduction of fatty tissue and reducing appetite into a diet. Without fail at food there are vegetables and fruit which consumption is considered admissible: squash, cauliflower, pumpkin, mushrooms, cucumbers and tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, all types of greens and celery. In the course of drying carry to main types of fruit: strawberry, apricots, avocado, citrus (oranges, grapefruit red), watermelons and melons, some grades of apples.

Whether apples are appropriate during drying of a body?

Yes, are appropriate, but not all.

As in the course of drying of a body exclude fruit with the high content of sugar from a diet, and apples have to be sour or sweet-sour. It is possible to use apples during a breakfast, instead of a dinner or directly after the training. Apples in moderate quantity can be added to porridges, yogurts, to do of them puree with addition of other resolved types of fruit.

Having imagination, it is possible to diversify the menu even at the limited choice of products. So, remarkable, low-calorie, and, above all, a tasty product – baked apple. Without sugar, the apple powdered with cinnamon and with one droplet of honey, baked in an oven will become many times more tasty and more useful. And it is possible to make vitamin cocktail - smoothie of apple, a kiwi, carrot and a celery. Options of application of a sweet-sour apple in the menu when drying a body a set. Your imagination will be only in the help!

Apple for the night

For catabolism suppression (destruction of a muscular protein to amino acids) some athletes, waking up at night, use protein cocktails, thereby without allowing destruction of muscles during sleep. Fructose content in apples does them by the products undesirable to the use at night or before going to bed when the organism is at rest and turns the carbohydrates which aren't spent in the afternoon into fats.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team