Whether cocoa is possible for pregnant women

Whether cocoa is possible for pregnant women

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Cocoa is considered one of the most tasty and useful soft drinks. It is made from cocoa beans which are seeds of a chocolate tree. More than three hundred substances are a part of seeds, at the same time a half of their weight is occupied by fats. Many pregnant women ask a question whether they can take this tasty drink. In this article the advantage and harm of cocoa in different trimesters of pregnancy, a contraindication to its use and recipes will be considered.

Whether pregnant women can drink cocoa

The difficult chemical composition of this drink causes its special impact on a human body.

It is important! To derive from cocoa drink only benefit, it is necessary to adhere to the dosage recommended for pregnant women and to use no more than four cups a week.

On early terms

During this period the embryo is implanted into a uterus cavity, its systems of bodies begin to develop.

The first three months of incubation — time when cocoa needs to be used in moderate quantities.

  1. First of all, cocoa with milk is a drink which supplies an organism with pregnant necessary energy.
  2. Thanks to presence of special substance of a feniletilamin of cocoa positively influences nervous system by synthesis of hormone of happiness of endorphin therefore saves from a syndrome of chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, neurosises and sharp changes of mood.
  3. Vitamins of group B reduce amount of harmful cholesterol in blood of future mother, normalize pressure, improve appearance of nails and hair.
  4. Folic acid and vegetable proteins participate in full formation of nervous system and muscle tissue of a fruit respectively.
  5. High content of iron well affects the haematogenic function. Iron prevents developing of anemia, provides stable blood supply of a fruit and preserves it against oxygen starvation.
  6. In the early stages of pregnancy this product is capable to raise a tone of a uterus and to provoke an abortion.

Whether you know? For the first time chocolate trees began to cultivate in the territory of South America in rainforests of Peru more than three and a half thousand years ago. The Maya Indians highly read cocoa, used it during marriage, at a funeral and other ceremonies. Seeds of a chocolate tree were considered as a gift of gods, attributed them mystical value thanks to their red color. Ready drink was mixed with hot pepper and associated it with blood of the highest beings who sent a surprising gift to mankind.

In the second trimester

With fourth on the seventh months of incubation the fruit considerably increases in a size at the expense of the substances taken from a maternal organism therefore future mother needs good nutrition.

  1. The antioxidants which are contained in this product in a large number connect and free radicals delete from body tissues, slowing down that its aging, minimize influence of low-quality food and bad ecology on the developing kid.
  2. Nonsaturated fatty acids which in this drink a huge number, recover skin do it to more elastic and eliminate small mimic wrinkles. Also they participate in work of a brain, strengthen cartilaginous tissue of joints, interfering with its wear, have the immunostimulating effect.
  3. Zinc accelerates metabolism, warning a set of excess weight — it facilitates incubation of the kid. It provides normal development of a reproductive system of a fruit, strengthens sight and accelerates regeneration of the damaged fabrics.
  4. In the second trimester the fruit begins to gain weight actively. It needs a large amount of calcium, and this drink is capable to complicate digestion of calcium a maternal organism. During this period it is recommended to use cocoa not more often than once in two days.

In the third trimester

During this period the organism of a fruit is already rather resistant to food irritants, and it is possible to use cocoa practically without restrictions.

  1. Potassium ensures stable functioning of a cardiovascular system. It strengthens vessels, a cardiac muscle, maintains water-salt balance in the pregnant woman's organism, saving it from hypostases on late terms of incubation. Its action strengthens a bioflavonoid epikatekhin.

Learn whether it is possible to have at pregnancy milk, tea, fermented baked milk, milk with honey and coffee with milk.

  1. A small amount of the caffeine which is a part of this product is capable to normalize pressure at women who suffer from hypotonia, to stir up mental activity.
  2. It is active allergen which needs to stop be used approximately in three weeks prior to childbirth as it can provoke diathesis at the kid.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

Besides improvement of an organism, cocoa is capable to have negative impact on it:

  1. The women inclined to food allergies, cocoa should avoid — it promotes appearance of allergic rash and the general weakness of an organism in case of individual intolerance.
  2. At chronic diseases of kidneys and an urinary system it is also necessary to refuse this drink. It stimulates urination, renders additional load of kidneys and aggravates a state at an urolithic disease.
  3. With care pregnant women who suffer from a hypertension need to use this product and have the raised uterus tone as this product increases arterial blood pressure and in addition tones up walls of vessels.
  4. It is forbidden to accept in cocoa food to women with osteoporosis and to those pregnant women who are restored after changes.

Whether you know? At the time of the Middle Ages in Europe there was a ban on cocoa. The Catholic church considered it the dirty drink exciting minds of people and declining them to a sin. Only the Spanish Royal Court had permission to consumption of this drink. The ban was cancelled in the middle of the 15th century when served to the Pope cocoa to a table. The father considered it tasteless and decided that nobody voluntarily will begin to drink such drink for pleasure.

Recipes of tasty drink

There is a large number of compoundings, but classical it is still considered the most tasty and useful.


Way of preparation:

  1. In the enameled saucepan pour milk and put it on slow gas. Stirring slowly, pour cocoa powder, add vanillin.
  2. Bring the received mix to boiling. At emergence of the first bubbles remove a saucepan from fire. Add muscat powder, sugar, accurately stir.
  3. Cool ready drink before the use a little.

The following compounding is suitable for those future mothers who need carbohydrate products.


Important! Unlimited consumption of cocoa leads to excessive narrowing of vessels and, as a result, placentary and oxygen starvation of a fruit. If you feel that drink significantly increased your arterial blood pressure, lower hands in the container with warm water for five-seven minutes. So you will be able to return pressure to norm.

Way of preparation:

  1. Bring milk to boiling in the enameled saucepan and, accurately stirring slowly, add cocoa powder.
  2. You cook on slow fire within three minutes. Pour in condensed milk, pour cinnamon, carefully mix and remove from fire.
  3. Slightly cool drink, add sugar and mix before full dissolution.

The recipe with use of fruit turns drink into a gentle dessert.


Way of preparation:

  1. In the enameled saucepan mix a half of milk with cocoa powder and sugar. Bring mix to boiling on slow fire, constantly stirring slowly.
  2. Remove a saucepan from fire. In a bowl of the blender shake up the remained 150 ml of milk with banana, pour out mix in a deep cup.
  3. From above on fruit mix lay out ice cream, fill in it with hot cocoa.

Whether you know? In 1519 the seamen from Fernando Cortés's expedition broke in a treasury of the leader of Aztecs Montezuma. In it they found more than two and a half thousand tons of cocoa beans in which the population subject to Montezuma paid a tax. By the standards of Aztecs, wealth it was infinite as one slave for that time cost about one hundred beans.

Whether cocoa butter from extensions helps during pregnancy

This substance promotes formation of collagenic fibers, increasing thereby elasticity and elasticity of skin. Fatty acids, vitamins, minerals of this oil get into hypodermic soft fabrics, feed them, rejuvenate and smooth. It is possible to use cocoa butter in pure form, as a part of masks, mixes, srubs. Its action becomes noticeable after the first procedure, it is possible to use it not more often than two times a week. Cocoa is a tasty and useful product which is made only from natural raw materials.

Important! Upon purchase give preference to clean cocoa powder, but not drinks with its contents (for example, Nesquik cocoa) as they are most often made with addition of emulsifiers, stabilizers, fragrances, and their use will do more harm, than advantage.

He is recommended to be trained for future mothers who suffer from breakdown, sharp changes of mood, problems with skin. At the same time, it can do harm to women with individual intolerance of cocoa or that who is disturbed by a hypertension. Moderate consumption of this drink will provide the pregnant woman with many useful substances and will present her good mood.

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