Whether it is necessary to cook cepes and birch mushrooms before frying

Whether it is necessary to cook cepes and birch mushrooms before frying

The summer - is time ""silent hunting"", and many of us with huge desire go to the forest that will enjoy its beauty and, naturally, to gather a basket of some of the most valuable mushrooms - birch mushrooms and white. These mushrooms are incredibly tasty in a fried look, especially if precisely to observe technology of their preparation.

Cepes and birch mushrooms - a surprising product, from them it is possible to prepare many dishes, except for sweet desserts. Mushroom soups, gravies, casseroles, stuffed cabbage leaves, pies, salads, vareniki are only a small part of options of viands, in fact it is much more of them. The simplest dish is fried mushrooms, and its most of hostesses prefer to give on a table to the members of household. And there is no wonder, fried birch mushrooms and white are incredibly tasty, especially if before frying not to boil them.

Whether it is necessary to cook birch mushrooms and cepes before frying

To understand whether it is necessary to boil these mushrooms before frying, it is necessary to know for what this procedure is necessary. Forest mushrooms absorb in themselves all substances from air and the earth including toxins, and their boiling - a guarantee that the majority of hazardous substances will pass into broth, mushrooms ""will be cleared"" of them. Therefore if you pick mushrooms near the city or the carriageway, then boiling - compulsory procedure, in other cases decide to boil mushrooms or not on the discretion, only you remember that cooking will favorably affect usefulness of a product, but it is negative - on its aroma and gustatory qualities.

As well as how many to cook cepes and birch mushrooms

Cooking of these mushrooms - business simple. It is necessary to clean carefully mushrooms from garbage, to cut off a dark thin skin from legs, to check them for worminess (sign of worminess - tiny openings in legs and hats, existence of worms). Further to wash out mushrooms under a water jet, to cut with large pieces and to lower in a pan with cold salty water. Put a pan on fire, and after boiling to cook mushrooms of minutes 10-15, constantly scumming образовывающуюся. After cooking to cast away mushrooms on a colander and to allow water to flow down. Later minutes 20 it is possible to start their frying.

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