Whether it is necessary to drink a protein after the training"

Whether it is necessary to drink a protein after the training"

Athletes who are seriously aimed at high sporting achievements, understand that it is almost impossible to achieve result without the aid of special sport food. And one of the main additives allowing to build up the muscle bulk and to create a relief body is the protein. Why to drink protein cocktails and in what dosages, let's understand.

Why to drink a protein after the training

It is known that the daily diet of the person consists of set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. From that, how correctly the menu is also competently made, progress in training process and efficiency of trainings will depend.

In this case any meal is important for the athlete, however there are time frames when the organism of the athlete is in great need in additives especially. It is an interval before and after a training.

Professional athletes advise not to make the choice for one of options and to drink protein cocktails both to, and after the training. Sports food prior to occupations gives the chance to sate an organism with useful bystrousvoyaemy components which can provide it with the energy necessary during a training.

Experts recommend in 1.5-2 hours prior to a training to drink an average portion of a bystrousvoyaemy "serumal" protein, or to drink cocktail from VSAA for half an hour prior to occupations.

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A set of VSAA amino acids serves as the supplier of the energy demanded for recovery processes in muscles and their growth. If during physical loadings in blood there is a deficiency of amino acids, then the organism will begin to consume protein from muscles and, thus, to fill up the power stock that will lead to development of muscular catabolism, simple words, to developing of delayed onset muscle soreness. However the use of protein means after the trainings as during this period the organism acquires the maximum number of nutrients is more significant. There is a so-called "anabolic window" — the period when the arriving valuable elements leave on recovery of muscles, their food and growth, without formation of fatty tissue to the maximum.

Important! Opinion on whether there is such phenomenon as "proteinaceous" or "the anabolic window", among experts was divided as the conducted researches gave absolutely different, and sometimes and contradictory results.

Nevertheless all experts agree on what can be eaten after the training anyway, and it is even necessary. Even if "the proteinaceous window" does not exist, the use of proteins at once after classes gives the chance to fill up an organism with valuable components which are necessary for restoration and growth of muscle tissue. The most optimal variant after the training the protein which part the bystrousvoyaemy protein enriched with VSAA amino acids or a small portion of a geyner rich in protein and carbohydrates is is considered. Consumption of similar cocktail will allow:

  • to accelerate almost three times the speed of digestion of protein, in comparison with refusal of products after classes;
  • to increase process of allocation of cells of hormone of insulin that will allow to avoid muscular pain next day;
  • to restore muscle tissue.

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Through how many and what protein it is better to accept

The best option for consumption after the trainings the serumal protein in the form of isolate or a hydrolyzate which has a number of key advantages, in comparison with other types of additives is considered:

  • it is as fast as possible acquired;
  • quickly recovers muscles after classes;
  • provides the effective growth of muscle tissue;
  • practically does not cause disorder of a GIT.

Serumal isolate contains 95% of pure natural protein in the structure, without impurity of fats and carbohydrates. This type of food is considered ideal option after classes. Already 30–40 minutes later after reception he begins to work and deliver strongly valuable components to muscle fibers.

The hydrolyzate belongs to the most quickly usvoyaemy forms of protein. Its splitting happens in 20–25 minutes after the use. It is also possible to carry to its advantages:

  • low interest of intolerance athletes;
  • suppression of catabolic processes;
  • formation of a relief of muscles.

Whether you know? Many mistakenly believe that sport pitas, in particular the protein, is anabolic steroid additive. It is not right at all, anabolic steroids are directed only to the accelerated growth of muscles and have the mass of side effects. Protein mixes — a natural product which sates an organism with useful components.

There is one more form of serumal protein — concentrates. They are the cheapest as in structure have no more than 70-80% of protein and also lactose and fats. Concentrates often cause violations in work of a digestive tract and contain fats which have negative effect on a set of muscle bulk.

Nevertheless — if there are not enough funds for isolates or hydrolyzates, it is possible to apply concentrates, but at the same time surely observing the recommended dosages. Instead of a serumal protein sometimes apply multicomponent (complex) mixes which incorporate different types of a protein. Drinking complex cocktail, the athlete receives a portion of serumal, casein, soy and egg white, and all their best properties.

It is recommended to use protein cocktails after the trainings 10–30 minutes later.

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How many it is necessary to use

The protein is a stroyelement for growth of muscles. It is especially important to consume a certain amount of protein at intensive trainings. That muscle bulk productively grew, it is necessary to use about 2 g of pure protein on 1 kg of weight. For example, if the mass of the athlete is 80 kg, he should accept about 160 g of a protein. The maximum allowed dosage makes no more than 4 g on 1 kg of body weight.

Important! When calculating of the recommended dosage it is necessary to consider not the weight of a protein, but weight of pure protein. If on a package of medicine it is specified that 1 portion of a protein (40 g) contains 25 g of protein, then the athlete needs to drink a day 160 g / 25 g = 6.4 portions of protein cocktail.

It is necessary to understand how to drink any given protein:

  1. Serumal isolate: thanks to high concentration of pure protein, it allows protein to be acquired in 10–15 minutes after reception. For this period blood will manage to be saturated with the required amino acids and minveshchestvo. In day it is recommended to use 2–3 portions. In days of occupations it is necessary to accept the first portion in the morning, the second — in 30–40 minutes prior to a training and the third portion — right after the occupations.
  2. Serumal hydrolyzate: time of its assimilation is 1-1.5 hours. In days of the raised physical loadings it is necessary to drink one glass of a protein in the morning, the second — in 1.5 hours prior to occupations and the third — directly later.
  3. Complex mixes: on assimilation time they rank third, conceding superiority to isolate and a hydrolyzate. Complex protein during trainings is recommended to be drunk: the first portion — between meals, the second — in 2 hours prior to occupations, a third — before night rest.

Experts do not advise beginners independently to experiment with reception of sports food. It is better to address the experienced trainer who will prompt a necessary dosage of a protein and the most ideal time of its consumption. It is necessary to remember that the daily dosage of protein for everyone is individual.

Whether you know? One gram sport pita approximately equals portions of usual food in 150–180 g. Therefore by means of the use of sports food of people can receive all necessary nutritious components, at the same time avoiding overeating.

Protein as natural protein, all athletes need to accept for accumulation of muscle bulk and its restoration. However you should not use it uncontrolledly. Competently developed menu of qualitative protein food will allow to notice in a month the first visual effect and as result — a beautiful, relief body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team