Whether it is necessary to drink a protein for the night

Whether it is necessary to drink a protein for the night

Recently more and more people lead active lifestyle and play sports. But not all from them know that to achieve desirable results and at the same time not to do harm to an organism during the trainings, it is necessary to use special additives, and still — the nobility when it is better to accept them. In this article we will get acquainted with such substance as a protein, with its types and also we learn whether it is possible to drink it for the night and what results at the same time can be.

What is a protein?

The protein, or protein is one of three (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) the substances, vital for full-fledged human life. Proteins consist of connections which are called amino acids. In spite of the fact that in their nature there is a huge number, the person needs only 22. The organism produces the most part of amino acids, however 9 amino acids are irreplaceable and have to arrive with food. All list of these necessary connections is in animal products, and vegetarians can receive the maximum quantity of amino acids from beans, nuts and soy which are rich with protein of plant origin.

Proteins play one of the main roles in a metabolism of all organism. Most of all proteins are required during growth of a body, pregnancy, restoration after operations or injuries and also that who actively plays any sports.

Whether you know? The amount of protein several times more, than in proteinaceous food is obese some insects.

What protein it is better to drink for the night

Let's deal with the description of different types of a protein and we will find out what of the listed additives is recommended to be accepted for the night.


This type of protein — fine option for the use before going to bed to lose weight. Casein is a slow protein which, getting into a stomach, becomes a dense lump and resolves for 8 hours that is just time of a full-fledged dream.

Video: What is a casein protein Unlike other proteins, its indicators on increase in weight are less productive. It is possible to achieve the necessary results only in the presence of the decent volume of serumal substance. The single norm of the use is 35 g. Systematic reception of a casein protein will give gain of muscle bulk and will increase force indicators.


Apparently from the name, serumal protein is received from whey. In the evening day this additive is used only for a set of muscle bulk. At the same time the protein has to be present at composition of mix with proteins of various speed of digestion.


Milk protein is extracted from cow's milk from which removed liquid, the most part of carbohydrates and fats. It is one of the most effective additives. Its structure — 20% of serum and 80% of casein. Thanks to it mix has the best structure for food of muscles throughout the long period of time, at the same time protecting them from catabolism.

Important! Cannot use a dairy protein the people having intolerance of lactose or at an allergy to milk.

Such additive can be used in days after the trainings and also before going to bed.


This form of sports food can be taken quietly for the night for weight loss as mixes of plant origin are low-calorie and at the same time it lower appetite. Often soy protein is used in the presence of an allergy to proteins of a dairy look.

Read about pluses and minuses of a soy protein.

However, the athletes accepting a soy protein were divided on the camp. Some claim that it heavy and at the same time has the minimum value. Others use it for decrease in body weight and restoration of energy, and even by means of such protein gain weight.

Important! Soy protein includes singular elements which work like women's hormones. Proceeding from it, at reception violation they can do harm to a male body — to lead to a set of excess weight and decrease in a libido.


It is considered the most valuable thanks to full-fledged amino-acid structure and assimilation for all 100%. It should be noted that concerning it values of other types carry out the assessment. The egg protein helps growth and restoration of fibers of muscles, partially reduces appetite and at the same time delivers the necessary useful substances in an organism that gives the chance to use it during weight loss and drying of a body. Its thicket can find in composition of complex additives, than in pure form. Also the fact that an egg protein — worthy replacement serumal is important. Especially it is relevant for people with intolerance a milk. The single dose of substance before going to bed averages 25 g.

We advise to learn in more detail about how to accept an egg protein.


In spite of the fact that all proteins can be got separately, modern producers release them and in a complex. The composition of such mix includes different components with various characteristics:

  • at all types of protein different biological value;
  • presence at mix of serumal protein allows it to be acquired and reduce catabolism of muscles quickly;
  • the egg protein gives the chance to long keep the necessary amount of amino acids in an organism;
  • protein in the form of a hydrolyzate is absorbed as fast as possible, saturating muscles with useful substances.

Video: The complex protein For a set of weight is enough to use 40 g of structure before going to bed.

Whether you know? Today protein additives much more naturally than many products which are present at the fridge of any person. A raw materials source for sports food — dairy concentrates which by production are not processed by chemical medicines and are just filtered and dried up.

Optimum time for intake of protein

Not the amount of the consumed protein, but its uniform use throughout the day is important.

After a dream

At night the organism has a rest from physical activities and at the same time continues to function. At the same time replenishment of energy at the expense of food does not happen. In this case the portion of amino acids will be extremely useful in the morning. The breakfast has to be full, include both carbohydrates, and fats, and for saturation of muscles it is recommended to use protein. In this case muscles will receive material for growth, and at the same time there will be a suppression of development of cortisol. At this time it is better to use quickly usvoyaemy additives which cover the deficit of the substances lost in a night.

During the day

It is clear, that there will be no enough morning portion of a protein for all day, protein is necessary to an organism and for daily affairs. It is on average recommended to take protein drink to 6 times a day. It will allow to receive the prolonged result, that is to guarantee systematic intake of protein to fibers of muscles.

Before a training

Before the organism begins to receive increased load during the occupations, it will also not be prevented by the help. It is recommended to drink protein additive in 3 hours prior to a training, it is enough to drink 30 g. In this case use a fast protein.

We recommend to learn, than protein cocktails are useful and dangerous.

After the training

At this time the organism is especially exhausted and needs fast feed as all protein which was available is already spent. If to undertake nothing, processes of disintegration will pass to muscle fibers. Proceeding from it it is clear that not just to spend time at trainings, and to achieve some results, the organism needs to be helped, and proteinaceous drink will be just by the way.

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So, information stated above lets know that it is possible to accept protein additives not only during the day, but also before going to bed, and they at the same time will not do harm. Therefore even if earlier you did not play sports, now it is a high time to rise from a sofa and to begin.

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