Whether it is possible for pregnant women red caviar

Whether it is possible for pregnant women red caviar

Pregnancy is the responsible period in the woman's life, often it is followed by the most courageous gastronomic desires.

However, future mother has to know what products can be eaten what it is better to avoid.

One of the most useful delicacies is red caviar whether it is possible to use it, being in situation, will be considered further.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women is red caviar

It is no secret that red salmon caviar is incredibly vitamin-rich also minerals.

Nevertheless, when the woman bears the kid, she has to know whether it is admissible to use this product what it brings benefit and whether can do much harm. Mark out the following properties of this product:

  • caviar reduces risk of developing of pathologies at a fruit;
  • helps to eliminate spasms;
  • saturates with the protein necessary for formation and growth of a fruit;
  • promotes maintenance of normal level of hemoglobin and cholesterol in mother's blood.

Whether you know? If red caviar is salted within 4 hours after catch of fish directly on the place of trade and has no more than 5% of salt, then 1 grade is appropriated to it. By the way, the premium of red caviar does not exist.

However, despite indisputable usefulness, the product at its unlimited use can be too heavy for assimilation, and the high content of salt is capable to provoke hypostases and increase in arterial blood pressure.

On early terms

In the first trimester future mummy needs extremely to fill shortage of all vitamins and minerals as it is the key to the correct development of the kid.

One of the major elements, necessary mother and to the kid — folic acid, its sufficient quantity contains in a fish delicacy. Besides, an acid Omega-3, a lot of available as a part of a product, will help to overcome the differences of mood characteristic of pregnant women and the first manifestations of toxicosis.

It is important! Before trying a delicacy, the woman needs to consult the gynecologist as if the analysis of urine shows presence in it of protein, the product is contraindicated.

In the second trimester

During the second trimester of pregnancy the child begins to grow, develop and gain actively weight, during this period the skeleton, rudiments of teeth is actively formed, muscle tissue is increased.

All these processes demand a large number of resources therefore it is no wonder that future mother suffers from deficiency of vitamins and nutrients. Moderate consumption of red caviar at this stage of a gestation will supply the woman's organism with magnesium, protein, the Omega-3 acids. Often the second trimester is characterized by decrease at future mother of level of hemoglobin, anemia which seafood will help to overcome develops.

On late terms

The third trimester is considered the most difficult and responsible period of pregnancy. At this time the fruit reaches the large sizes, load of internals of mother increases, and kidneys work in the emergency mode.

Whether you know? Learned to salt red caviar only at the end of the 19th century, before threw out it together with waste from imboweling of fish as it quickly spoiled. Only among poor Far East fishermen the zasushivaniye of a product and its use as additive to porridge practiced.

On this term many women have hypostases, there is a liquid delay in an organism, normal work of an urinary system is broken. Emergence of protein in urine demonstrates to it. If such indicators were found, it is impossible to eat salty red caviar categorically. Certainly, if the woman is healthy and analyses are normal, there is no ban on the use of a delicacy in the third trimester.

Learn, than caviar of a cod, pollock, halibut, herring, capelin, pike, black caviar is useful.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

It is difficult to underestimate advantage of red caviar, but you should not forget that any product during pregnancy needs to be tried with care and to possess information on contraindications.

  • delicacy differs in the high content of salt that is not too useful for kidneys of future mummy. If women it is inclined to hypostases or has problems with kidneys, it is better to refuse this product;
  • the tendency to increase in arterial blood pressure is a direct contraindication to the use of this delicacy, as well as other salty products;
  • as well as any seafood, fish caviar is strong allergen, at emergence of symptoms of an allergy it should be excluded from a diet;
  • the raised cholesterol also belongs to absolute contraindications to the use by pregnant women of this product.

As it is correct to choose upon purchase

Not to be mistaken when choosing red caviar, it is necessary to know what to pay attention to and how to distinguish a quality product from a fake.

  • the first rule — a good product cannot be cheap. The tempting price most often says that it was got by poachers, and, respectively, did not undergo due quality control. Probability to get a product from expired raw materials is in that case high.
  • it is important to pay attention to the producer. The best and qualitative delicacy is made in places of fishing: Sakhalin, Kamchatka;
  • quality caviar should not be liquid and float in juice, berries should not stick together, and their thin skin should not be rough;
  • if the product in a can is got, it is necessary to watch that date of production coincided with the period of spawning of fish. Besides, figures on a cover have to be convex, but not pressed;

Important! When salting red caviar, preservative with E239 code should not be used (urotropin), this cancerogenic substance forbidden to application in food.

  • upon purchase of weighed out seafood special attention needs to be paid on a smell, it should not be old, also there should not be a sour smack demonstrating violation of technology of preparation.

Above features of the consumption of red caviar were considered during pregnancy. The obtained information allows to understand whether this product is useful to future mother and the kid: the moderate quantity of a delicacy in the absence of direct contraindications will really allow not only to enjoy its taste, but also to fill up reserves of useful substances in the woman's organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team