Whether it is possible for pregnant women there are bananas

Whether it is possible for pregnant women there are bananas

In spite of the fact that bananas belong to exotic fruit, we can regale on them for all year as they are in open access in any grocery store. Interests many whether bananas are useful to pregnant women. Let's consider this question in more detail.

Caloric content and structure

Many love these fruit for original taste, but not all know that they also are very useful as they contain a large amount of useful substances in the structure. Let's begin with the caloric content which on 100 g of fruit is 90 kcal.

Besides, as a part of bananas (on 100 g) contain:

  • proteins — 1.5 g;
  • fats — 0.1 mg;
  • carbohydrates — 21.8 g;
  • water — 74 g;
  • cellulose — 1 g;
  • ashes — 0.9 g;
  • vitamin A — 0.12 mg;
  • B1 vitamin — 0.04 mg;
  • B2 vitamin — 0.05 mg;
  • PP vitamin — 0.4 mg;
  • B9 vitamin — 10 mkg;
  • vitamin C — 10 mg;
  • vitamin E — 0.4 mg;
  • potassium — 350 mg;
  • magnesium — 40 mg;
  • sodium — 30 mg;
  • phosphorus — 28 mg;
  • calcium — 12 mg.

Whether you know? Banana — the largest grass plant in the world. The delusion that fruits grow on trees, happened because of similarity of a banana stalk on the structure with a tree.

Whether it is possible to eat bananas at pregnancy

Not to do much harm to health of future child, the woman is obliged to try to watch strictly during pregnancy what she eats. It is necessary to choose any given products with extra care, especially it concerns some exotic fruit. Let's learn whether it is possible to use bananas during pregnancy.

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On early terms

At the very beginning of pregnancy the female body changes, adapting to the child. And it has a formation of all main systems of an organism and bodies at this time. In the early stages of pregnancy of the woman often feel toxicosis, besides they have problems with digestion and differences of mood appear. Bananas are useful thanks to the content of folic acid at this time. The organism needs it for:

  • correct functioning of nervous system of the kid;
  • full development of an embryo at the cellular level;
  • minimization of a possibility of appearance of megaloblastny anemia;
  • correct and full formation of a placenta.

In addition an element, the advantage consists also in the presence of vitamin A and also ascorbic acid which increase immunity and, thus, protect an organism from influence of infections and other harm.

Important! Bananas in this period facilitate manifestation of toxicosis, remove unpleasant feelings and even heartburn a stomach. The recommended dose makes 2 fruits a day.

In the 2nd trimester

During this period there is a development of a skeletal corset of future child, besides the placenta needs increase in amount of blood. Bananas have in themselves all minerals and also vitamins B necessary for this purpose and C, helping to be acquired quicker to iron.

On late terms

At the end of pregnancy the child begins to grow promptly that involves a set of weight by the woman. All this leads to pressure of the increased uterus upon other bodies. Violations in the procedure of an excrement, frequent desires in a toilet, pains in a waist result. Besides emergence of problems with veins and hemorrhoids is possible. Useful substances which are in bananas help to cope with load of an organism and to minimize risk of development of complications. In addition, the systematic use of these exotic fruits before childbirth will help to remove nervousness and to improve digestion.

Important! Thanks to the content of tryptophane which in an organism turns into hormone serotonin the consumption of fruit increases mood.

Having learned, than these exotic fruit are useful, we will consider in what look they can be used.

What can be prepared and where to add

It is possible to use bananas not only in the raw. It appears, from them it is possible to prepare different dishes, for example, chips. They represent crispy pieces which are fried in sugar. Unlike potato, such chips not only tasty, but also useful. Besides, fruit fry, add to cakes, pies and also do mousses, creams and even cocktails.

We advise to learn whether it is possible for pregnant women ascorbic acid, pine nuts, black tea.

Bringing total the above, it is possible to claim with an accuracy that bananas are very useful to pregnant women. However, as well as any product, it is necessary to use them in reasonable quantity, without ignoring at the same time a contraindication.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team