Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a fat

Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a fat

Women in the family way sometimes notice for themselves that they can sharply have a desire to try some product even if earlier they did not feed for it excessive addiction. For example, lard. But at once there is a doubt whether future mother can use it. In article we learn why the pregnant woman wants this food whether it is possible it is on different terms of incubation of the kid and whether there are contraindications for the use of this delicacy.

  1. During this period of life flavoring addictions change, and sometimes the woman wants to indulge herself with some dainties.
  2. In an organism of the woman does not get some nutrients (sodium, iodine, calcium) which are in pork food.
  3. Change of level of progesterone.

Important! Do not buy lard in the spontaneous markets: often the product lies on counters near crude meat or fish, and it poses threat of insemination of a product of pathogenic microorganisms.

If hormones became the reason of addiction to a product, in an organism there are following changes demanding completion of missing substances:

  • the elasticity of vessels decreases;
  • pressure goes down owing to what at future mother vessels extend, and the organism sends signals to a brain of an acute shortage of sodium;
  • having used a little salty product, mummy drinks liquid then blood is diluted, and vessels return to normal.

Nutritionists and gynecologists unambiguously do not recommend to abuse during pregnancy animal fats. But the described product nevertheless has useful properties which saturate the woman's organism with many useful substances.

Study advantage of lard for a human body.

Gynecologists recommend to pregnant women the use of fat which is previously cleaned from salt and is washed carefully out since it is capable to render positive effect on health of the woman and her future kid.

  • at regular consumption of a small amount of salty food the liver is revitalized;
  • if the product is combined with garlic, it makes antioxidant impact;
  • this delicacy improves work of heart and vessels;
  • selenium makes immunomodulatory impact, removes inflammations and treats diseases of an endocrine system;
  • availability of carotene, fatty acids, a set of vitamins (D, And, E) adds energy and forces to adapt to a new state to the woman, and at a fruit will help all bodies to be created correctly;
  • availability of organic acids (palmitic, linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic, olein) actively influences exchange processes, helps an organism of mother to produce vitamin F necessary in bigger quantity during this period of life. This vitamin also helps with digestion of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D;
  • ability to remove toxic and cancerogenic substances;
  • prevention of onkobolezny.

Important! Using fat, consider that fat it is long is digested in a stomach therefore its combination to sweet or dairy products is inadmissible, otherwise you risk to receive weight in a stomach or its indigestion.

If mother is absolutely healthy, then after consultation of the doctor observing its state, it has to be limited the daily portion in 30 g of light-salted or unsalted food.

It can be eaten both at early pregnancy, and throughout the entire period of incubation and also after appearance of the kid on light during breastfeeding.

  1. I will merge glut the described product leads to excessive load of kidneys owing to what in an organism liquid is late.
  2. The high caloric content (100 g of fat contains over 700 kcal) corresponding to the number of the calories which are contained in a complex lunch. It leads to accumulation of excessive fat deposits and serious problems in work of internals of the woman and the kid who was not born yet.
  • diseases of a liver, kidneys which are already available for the woman, GIT;
  • presence of excess weight;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • intolerance of food of this type.

Learn whether it is possible to add the pregnant woman to fat sandwich the following products: garlic, turmeric, tomatoes, radish, fennel.

If the woman during pregnancy perfectly feels, has no chronic diseases and according to testimonies of the treating gynecologist can eat the described delicacy, she can get up before the choice: what fat to prefer that there was a minimal risk for it and future child — salty, smoked or boiled. A salty product it was already mentioned in our article that before food it needs to be cleaned from residues of salt and it is good to wash out, only in this case it is possible to speak about some of its advantage.

Whether you know? The homeland of salty fat can be considered Italy as exactly there about three thousand years ago pork fat began to be used as high-calorie and cheap food for slaves whose work was used in stone quarries.

It is important to future mother to understand that fat when smoking is included in the category of carcinogens at once and also contains the mass of various harmful additives causing additional load of internals in an organism of the pregnant woman.


  • preservatives;
  • stabilizers;
  • dyes;
  • fragrances.
  • heartburn;
  • eructation;
  • severe toxicosis;
  • allergic reaction.

Therefore a smoked product — a taboo for the woman during the entire period of pregnancy.

Whether you know? In the Ukrainian city of Romny there is a monument to fat presented by a sculpture of the smiling pig under which the thanksgiving inscription from residents for a tasty and useful product is written.

The boiled product is considered the most useful of all the types of fat described above.

For this purpose there are reasons:

  • the lack of salt and pathogenic microbes does a boiled dish safe for kidneys and a GIT;
  • when cooking critically high temperature at which there is a formation of carcinogens is not used;
  • during autographic preparation you will be sure of its structure.

Summing up the result of told and answering a question whether fat is possible for pregnant women, we will answer in the affirmative: the pregnant woman can use fat, but only after consultation of the gynecologist, in small amounts and prepared with own hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team