Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a pineapple

Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a pineapple

During incubation of the child the woman more than ever wants to try food, unusual for a daily diet. Especially often the choice falls on sweet-sour exotic fruit at the head of which there is always a solar and tasty pineapple. We should understand this article in what quantities it is possible to use a tropical product during pregnancy and what advantage or harm it can do to future mother and her kid.

Whether it is possible to eat pineapple at pregnancy

Before buying, and then to regale on pineapple, it is important to pregnant woman to get approval of the gynecologist and also to study all useful and negative properties of this overseas fruit.

Positive sides of a product:

  • destroys some species of pathogenic microorganisms in intestines;
  • due to stimulation of secretion of hydrochloric acid improves the GIT function;
  • increases elasticity and a tone of walls of vessels, eliminates their zashlakovannost;
  • facilitates a state at elevated pressure;
  • reduces viscosity of blood, thereby strengthening oxygen food of all cages of an organism;
  • fights against cancer cells;

Destruction of cancer cells is promoted also by such products as a cumquat dried, tomatoes, a shiitaka, Nonie, watermelon, olives.

  • cleans an organism from harmful cholesterol;
  • removes the hypostases provoked by various renal and cardiovascular diseases;
  • sometimes kills muscular or articulate pain.

If to proceed from structure, the chemical and power value of overseas fruit, it is possible to draw a conclusion on its exclusively positive impact on a human body. Calculation on 100 g of a product

Caloric content

52 kcal


0.3 g


0.1 g


12 g


85.5 g

Organic acids

1 g

Food fibers

1 g

Mono - and disaccharides

11.7 g


And, B1, B2, B6, B9, E, C, PP, beta carotene

Minerals (macro - and minerals)

potassium (135 mg), magnesium (13 mg), calcium (17 mg), sodium (1 mg), iron (0.3 mg), phosphorus (8 mg)

Surely it is necessary to pay attention and to harmful qualities of overseas fruits:

  • quite often causes easy allergic reactions (the naggers, reddenings, small rashes);
  • at the increased acidity, fruit can aggravate inflammation of walls of a stomach and cause gastritis;
  • spoils tooth enamel;
  • high content of acids leads to irritation of lips and a mucous mouth.

Whether you know? If to cut off pineapple green, then it will not ripen any more, unlike many fruit which perfectly ripen in storage time.

At the moderate use, pineapple not only will not cause any negative consequences in future mother, but also will enrich her organism with valuable nutrients and vitamins.

On early terms

Most of obstetricians and gynecologists consider that consumption of pineapples in small amounts will not damage on any term of pregnancy, especially if at the woman no contraindications were observed earlier.

Important! The recommended product dose in a week — 5–7 pieces. At the uncontrolled use the woman and in the future at the child can have an intolerance of a product and dangerous degree of an allergy.

In the first trimester success of incubation of the healthy child consists in moderation of consumption both pineapple, and other exotic fruits therefore completely you should not refuse a product especially as 2–3 small pineapple pieces are capable to save future mother from unpleasant manifestations of toxicosis.

The main thing is not to go too far and not to cause the above-stated negative manifestations during such responsible period.

The 2nd trimester

In the middle of term it is not forbidden to eat tropical fruit also. And as this period differs in good health and low risk of an abortion, future mother is able to afford to exceed quantity of pineapple pieces half, without being afraid to do much harm to the kid developing inside. Besides, the ripe fruit in the second trimester is capable to facilitate some states, characteristic of pregnancy:

  • to save from a lock;
  • to remove hypostases and fatigue;
  • to normalize night sleep and to increase mood.

Important! Pineapple during incubation of the kid is fully useful only when it fresh, the ripest or baked (for some dishes). Preserved food contains a lot of sugar and at the same time loses the lion's share of valuable components during processing.

On late terms

In the last trimester overseas fruit should be eaten most carefully, especially if throughout all term there was a threat of premature birth.

It is considered that fresh it excessively raises a uterus tone that can lead to undesirable early stimulation of patrimonial activity therefore during this period future mother should not be fond of this delicacy, despite its other positive aspects.

Advantage and harm when planning pregnancy

The English scientists found out what regular consumption of pineapple stimulates development in a female body of hormone of the progesterone helping to become pregnant and prepare a uterus for successful attachment of the impregnated ovum.

Also he is capable to reduce the level of the androgens interfering merge of an ovum and a spermatozoon. For this reason during pregnancy planning it is desirable to include tropical fruit practically in a daily food allowance.

The contraindications listed earlier act as the only restriction, not observance of which can provoke negative painful manifestations at the planning or pregnant woman. As it is possible to notice, planning the birth of the child or pregnant women should be anyway careful, including a tasty tropical fruit in a food allowance.

Whether you know? Of pineapple leaves in the countries where it is traditionally grown up, make eco-friendly material which goes for tailoring of handbags and footwear subsequently.

And at the use to remember the main thing that the quantity of a product plays almost key role for health of future kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team