Whether it is possible garlic at pregnancy"

Whether it is possible garlic at pregnancy"

Garlic is one of the most useful vegetables thanks to the vitamins and minerals which are its part. This natural well of health contains as well unique organic acids, phytoncides, glycosides and it is a lot of other useful elements. However, possessing a pungent and strong smell, he often unfairly remains in the shadow. In this article we will understand a question of its advantage and harm for the pregnant woman.

Whether it is possible to eat garlic at pregnancy

The answer to this question concerns practically each future mother during the autumn and winter period when she looks for protection against ubiquitous viruses and infections.

First of all, It is necessary to tell about advantage of a product:

  • to the main components of garlic is allitsin. It at damage of a membrane between cages of cloves of vegetable begins to exhale incomparable, specific garlic aroma. Allitsin gives effective support to immunity during spread of viral infections as he blocks production of certain enzymes which are responsible for susceptibility of an organism to an infection from the outside;
  • phytoncides — have antimicrobial effect, resist to development and reproduction of microorganisms, barmy fungi, stafilokokk. These substances possess strongly expressed action of an antibiotic, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms and also tone up and disinfect mucous membranes, promote fluidifying and removal of a phlegm;
  • garlic is recommended to be taken for elimination of catarrhal diseases, bacterial damages of integuments, fungal infections as it strengthens and stimulates work of the immune system;
  • its action on a cardiac muscle is toning, spazmolitichesky and hypotensive and consequently, the warm rhythm is normalized. Besides, garlic actively participates in prevention of thromboses and narrowings of vessels, resists to formation of cholesteric plaques, dilutes blood, and all this is extremely useful for the pregnant woman when her organism works at a maximum of the opportunities;
  • digestive system at consumption of garlic begins to work more actively, production of enzymes which are responsible for splitting of the fats, carbohydrates and proteins promoting bile outflow increases;
  • for the pregnant woman and her future kid it is extremely important to use B9 vitamin, or folic acid, B6, iron which are responsible for hemoglobin level, kroveobrazuyushchy processes, work of nervous system.

On early terms

In the first days and weeks of pregnancy the woman can even not suspect that she soon will become a mother, however changes in an organism gradually begin to give it signals of it.

One of the most common symptoms of approach of future motherhood call toxicosis which manifestations are nausea and vomiting.

At toxicosis recommend to eat such products as cranberry drink, mango, sauerkraut, milk curdled milk, red currant.

If the pungent smell of spice leads to emergence of emetic desires, then, certainly, it is worth refusing its use for some time.

However very often use of garlic in preparation of dishes helps to get rid of nausea during pregnancy. It can also stimulate appetite which can be broken at the beginning of pregnancy.

The immunostimulating properties of this product have favorable effect on the woman's organism, help to increase its stability against viruses, stimulate blood circulation, dilutes blood. In the absence of negative feelings the woman can eat 2–3 cloves a day.

The second trimester

With pregnancy development it is worth lowering active action of components of garlic a little. It is not necessary to use it in the medical purposes without consultation with the doctor. And if flavoring preferences of the pregnant woman demand its consumption, perhaps, thus her organism gives a signal of a lack of any vitamins or minerals, and it is worth belonging more attentively with a food allowance.

In the 2nd trimester it is necessary to limit amount of garlic to 1–2 cloves a day, it is better to apply it in food in the baked look.

On late terms

Spicy and spicy food on a closing stage of pregnancy can be negatively apprehended by an organism of the woman and the kid developing in utero:

  • the pregnant woman can have a uterus tone and consequently, there is a threat of the beginning of premature birth;
  • during fights the woman is also not recommended to eat dishes with garlic as it promotes fluidifying of blood and can provoke bleeding in labor;
  • garlic can aggravate feeling of heartburn from which many women in the 3rd trimester when the stomach already grows suffer and there is a considerable reorganization and pinching of internals;
  • consumption of this spicy vegetable still can provoke puffiness as the product causes feeling of thirst, and the organism of the pregnant woman does not manage to remove the drunk liquid, and she crowds.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

Working at extreme power, the organism of the pregnant woman can behave a little differently, than proved earlier.

Important! It is dangerous to eat garlic in the late stages of pregnancy as it can provoke a tone of a uterus and the beginning of premature birth and also can lead to severe bleeding in the course of childbirth if to eat it on the eve of the beginning of fights.

Therefore, it is necessary to treat the garlic and food containing this component with extra care if:

  • the person has individual intolerance of a product;
  • at the pregnant woman the heartburn, a meteorizm, gastric pains after consumption of garlic is noted — it can be temporary manifestation of an allergy to this product, and its use should be limited;
  • there is a risk of an abortion as garlic has the toning effect on a uterus;
  • at the pregnant woman bleedings from a nose, bad blood clotting are sometimes observed, or she expects the beginning of fights any day as blood becomes more liquid, and the probability of the beginning of bleeding increases;
  • the woman bearing the kid has digestive tract diseases, for example, inflammations mucous, an ulcer, gastritis, colitis and also diseases of kidneys and a liver.

Whether garlic is useful during pregnancy

At emergence of any given indispositions the pregnant woman cannot use any pharmaceutical means for treatment and prevention of diseases. In this situation an optimal solution is application of natural, natural means.

Whether you know? Pythagoras called garlic the king of spices. It was recognized as the main medicine of Ancient Greece where it was applied as an independent medicine, and in combination with other components for disinfection and healing of wounds, as anesthetic, impregnated with it bandages for wounds to prevent blood poisoning.

They can be used both for prevention, and for treatment of viral infections. There are many national methods which it is authorized to pregnant women to apply. For example, to breathe garlic — for this purpose it is worth spreading out the cleaned cloves on the apartment if any of members of household is sick and the pregnant woman is afraid to catch a virus.

Phytoncides and allitsin will disinfect air and to kill microbes and bacteria. Preventive application of garlic and onions, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, in insignificant quantity promotes increase in immunity, so, helps an organism of the woman to cope with the loading increasing on it and external influence without use of pharmaceutical medicines which are not admissible to be applied to the woman in situation.

Apply this spice and to treatment of purulent inflammations, making of it gruel and having mixed with oil, putting to the inflamed site of skin.

It is important! If the woman has from diseases of vessels, for example, atherosclerosis or thrombophlebitis, then consumption of garlic in food can promote improvement of blood circulation and a condition of the vascular system.

At cold

At manifestation of the first symptoms of cold, the pregnant woman should not run in drugstore, and it is possible to glance on the market or in the nearest shop where all the year round on counters garlic is on sale. It is possible to use it in several ways:

  • in cooking;
  • as ingredient of medical cocktail;
  • to inhale medical aroma.

The most popular recipes for cold it is possible to call:

  • milkshake with honey and garlic. On 1 cup of milk 2 cloves and 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • curdled milk infusion with garlic segments. On 1 cup of liquid use 5 cloves. To insist 30 min., to drink 1 tsp 2–3 times a day, having a little warmed up infusion;
  • serum with garlic juice. On 1 cup of liquid of 1 tsp of garlic juice, drink is drunk during the day in the small portions.

Learn how at cold recommend to use a cranberry, cowberry drink, a cornel, honey, propolis, goat fat, sea-buckthorn oil.

From worms

In case of detection at the pregnant woman of ascarids and pinworms, by her can appoint use of medicines which have a large amount of side effects. However it is impossible to disregard this state and it is worth consulting to the doctor about a possibility of use of natural folk remedies. If the gravity of a situation and the doctor observing pregnancy allow, then there are following recipes for removal of parasites from an organism:

  1. Microenemas with garlic. It is worth beginning treatment with a half of a portion, that is with a half-glass of liquid, and then, at good health of the woman, to increase to norm in 1 St. It is possible to prepare it so: to boil an average head of garlic to a soft fortune in 250 ml of milk, to cool and filter; to clean 10 g of spices, to crush, fill in with a glass of boiled water, milk or serum, to cool, filter.
  2. To drink warm milk on an empty stomach, having a snack on several segments of garlic.
  3. To drink during the day garlic juice. In a glass of milk it is necessary to squeeze out 15–20 drops of fresh juice.
  4. It is possible to apply the garlic oil acquired in drugstore. It can be added in the quantity specified in the instruction to food and drinks.

Whether you know? Beliefs of many ancient people said that the garlic garland protects the dwelling from evil spirits, frightening off it the unique smell.

From cold

Cold can bring discomfort to the pregnant woman and also at aggravation of a situation, lead to other complications in the form of cough and other diseases therefore its treatment should be begun immediately. Traditional medicine successfully uses garlic for treatment of allocations from a nose:

  • to dig in garlic juice in a nose. For this purpose it is necessary to squeeze out several drops of fresh garlic juice, as much carrot juice and the same amount of vegetable oil, and then to mix components and to place in a clean container. Before burying drops it is necessary to stir up a bottle a little. There is also one more recipe for drops. For this purpose from 1–2 previously crushed cloves squeeze out juice and add purified water to proportions 1:10.
  • to inhale garlic aroma. In the small, densely closed vessel put several crushed garlic gloves. Having opened a vessel, the woman has to make several deep breaths each nostril.

Curative properties of garlic can actively be used by the pregnant woman for an immunity raising, for prevention and treatment of virus, catarrhal and other types of diseases in case it does not observe deterioration in health and there are no medical contraindications.

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