Whether it is possible to drink nonalcoholic beer

Whether it is possible to drink nonalcoholic beer

There are various opinions whether it is possible to drink nonalcoholic beer driving, on the street and also to use it to pregnant women or during a disease. It all the same contains a small amount of alcohol.

Nonalcoholic beer actually is low alcohol drink as it all the same contains ethyl alcohol about 0.5% of volume. Though it also doesn't do significant harm to health, however can't be considered as absolutely safe.

Right after drunk you shouldn't take the wheel – the breathalyzer will show not zero value. The specific beer smell can become an additional occasion to carp at the driver. As a result perhaps it is necessary to spend time lot to prove sobriety, having undergone medical examination.

Because of alcohol content, nonalcoholic beer is undesirable during administration of drugs not compatible to alcohol. Consumption of this drink, especially in the first trimester categorically isn't recommended to pregnant women. During feeding the potential harm will be opposite minimum.

You shouldn't treat with such beer of children not to promote formation at them positive idea of drinking of alcoholic beverages.

Consumption of beer and drinks on its basis in public places, including on the street, is administrative offense. At the same time the code of administrative violations doesn't regulate alcohol content in beer.

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