Whether it is possible to eat apples for the night at weight loss

Whether it is possible to eat apples for the night at weight loss

Apples - a unique product. They are carried not for nothing to the most glorified fruit. They combine fine gustatory qualities and a number of useful properties which they are appreciated by physicians and nutritionists.

Advantage of apples for an organism

Apples contain high concentration of cellulose and pectin in the structure, promoting clarification of an organism and improvement of digestion. Substance the polyphenol which is contained in apples doesn't allow to be formed to fatty deposits and has good antioxidant properties that prevents risk of presenilation. Thanks to high content of iron, apples help to reduce risk of developing of many diseases connected with a cardiovascular system. Contain group vitamins: A, B, E, C, P and also potassium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, pine forest.

Regular consumption of these fruit promotes improvement of work of a thyroid gland, strengthening of the bone device, maintenance of normal level of hemoglobin in blood, normalization of activity of nervous system.

Apples have low caloric content. Nutrition value: 52 kcal in 100 grams of a fresh product. Apples are almost deprived of fats, however incorporate the carbohydrates allowing the person to keep long time sense of fulness. They perfectly suit persons interested to lose weight also that who keeps to a diet. In 100 grams of baked apples nearly 66 kcal which won't do harm to a figure too contain. But dried apples on 100 grams contain 253 kcal so if you want to keep the weight, you shouldn't be fond of them.

Consumption of apples at weight loss

The qualified dietitians quite often recommend to eat apples for weight loss. Because they are useful, improve exchange processes and digestion, help work of intestines and are available (they can easily be bought in shop or in the market). There is a large number of recipes and apple diets, the allowing houses for a small period (5 up to 10 days) to lose weight considerably. However the similar result of weight loss can have sad consequences quite often. Rough cellulose leads to damage of walls of a stomach and exhaustion of an organism. After similar diets the weight very quickly returns. It is connected with the fact that stressful situations give a signal to an organism of need to stock up with energy and it begins to accumulate it in fat cells. In order to avoid such consequences, during a diet it is necessary to eat it is balanced, not to overeat and to accurately adhere to a daily portion.

Apples aren't recommended to be used in the mornings on a hungry stomach because food fibers and acids can irritate stomach walls. To neutralize action of irritants, it is better to prepare fruits in an oven. Very tasty, simple dietary dessert will turn out. It is one breakfast better to make porridge on water or with addition of milk which will protect a stomach and intestines from influence not only fruit acids, but also other hazardous substances.

Because of the high content of fructose, apples recommend to eat in breaks between the main meals as having a snack (for example, for the second breakfast or an afternoon snack), for full assimilation by an organism. But not later than 4 p.m.

Apples can be scraped seeds and a peel, to cut and add to porridge (oat, buckwheat). Or to prepare in an oven because baked apples are an undoubted advantage for safe weight loss. It is allowed to the people trying to lose at the same time the excess weight and to cure old pathologies of an intestinal or gastric path to use them for consumption.

It is necessary to consider that there are fresh these fruit costs with care to the people having gastrointestinal diseases. The excessive use of fruit fruits can provoke inflammatory processes in a gall bladder.

Whether it is possible to use apples at weight loss for the night

Actually, everything depends on that, how exactly losing weight gains the daily caloric content of a diet and whether gains it in general. If apple fits into caloric content, and there are still free carbohydrates which can be used, then no problems with consumption of this fruit should arise. But despite huge advantage for an organism, it isn't recommended to use apples at weight loss nevertheless.

Apples contain a large amount of carbohydrates and fructose, and it nothing but sugar. Their surplus together with calories is led to fatty deposits. As the organism doesn't manage to burn excess calories for day, it lays off them for a stock. To get rid of excess weight, it is more preferable to use only protein products in the evening: low-fat grades of meat (for example, fowl), eggs, low-in-fat fermented milk products. Increase in amount of proteinaceous food in a food allowance and reduction of consumption of carbohydrates promotes fast combustion of fat. And it is better to leave consumption of apples on the first half of day.

Also consumption of apples in some cases, can increase appetite and cause an abdominal distension (that very unacceptably before going to bed).

Therefore, to use apples for the night at weight loss – not the best option. The dinner has to consist of proteinaceous food and vegetables, it is desirable fresh. An exception – fibrous, starchy vegetables, for example, potatoes, beet, are better to exclude them from a diet for the period of a diet. The last meal has to be in 2-3 hours prior to a dream.

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