Whether it is possible to eat apricot stones and than they are useful?

Whether it is possible to eat apricot stones and than they are useful?

Appeal of zealous owners Waste — in income! works not always, but only not in a case with apricot stones. The fact that all of us ruthlessly throw out after pleasure taste and aroma of pulp of apricots appears, it is not necessary to throw out at all. It is simply silly to throw out on a garbage can the mass of vitamins, mineral substances, valuable acids together with the nutritious product having refined culinary properties.

Whether it is possible to use apricot stones?

Of course, many heard that stones of apricots are tasty and a little similar in it to almonds. But at the same time there is a resistant opinion and on their toxicity. And they are allegedly poisonous to such an extent that their use is fraught with death.

From an apricot in the course of drying dried apricots turns out, and the fruit of an apricot which is dried up in the natural way is called dried apricots.

Therefore the vast majority of fans of apricots prefers to throw out stones get out of harm's way.

Actually apricot stones not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to eat, following at the same time simple rules of which it will be a question later.

Whether you know? For the first time in a cultural look the apricot appeared, most likely, about three thousand years ago in the territory of modern Armenia or, according to other version, somewhere on Tien Shan. More precisely scientists are not able to tell today.

Analysis of structure

When you get acquainted with the enormous flavoring, culinary, curative, cosmetic potential of this product, somehow it becomes feel ill at ease from a thought that all this wealth most often appears on a musornik.

Vitamins and mineral substances

Kernels of stones comprise the whole bouquet of vitamins, and some of them very seldom meeting. Except widespread vitamins A, With and extensive group B, also more rare PP and F are also presented there. But the special attention is drawn by B17 vitamin specific, inherent in this product which is also called amigdaliny. It impacts to apricot kernels characteristic bitterish relish.

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This product and minerals in the form of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium is saturated.

Caloric content and nutrition value

The high content in a product of fats and carbohydrates predetermines both its high caloric content and, respectively, nutrition value. In 100 g of kernels of apricot stones more than 500 kcal contain. Experience of orientals demonstrates that eating of several kernels sates an organism with calories and also useful substances so that it lasts for several hours of vigorous activity of the person.

Than apricot stones are useful

Unique and peculiar balanced structure of a product allows it to participate really in fight against inflammatory processes in the immune and respiratory systems of the person. It is promoted by its pronounced mukolitichesky opportunities which help to dilute actively a phlegm and to delete it from an organism.

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The ability of a product to counteract spasms and even to eliminate a hiccups is recorded.

Especially broad application for valuable medical qualities of apricot kernels was found by traditional medicine. Healers actively use them at fight against parasites and worms and also at treatment:

  • flu;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • colds;
  • nephrite;
  • laryngitis;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • the weakened immunity.

Whether there is a harm?

That artful hydrocianic acid which forces very many to be careful of the use of a tasty core of apricot stones really, is present at them. However it can do really fatal harm only at unlimited consumption of a product — more than 40 g for once. Amigdalin, that is B17 vitamin, getting to an organism, emits this toxic hydrocianic acid. In a kernel of subjects it is more of it, than tasting bitter it on taste.

Important! Drying of stones in an oven or boiling in a pan almost completely liquidate in them toxic agents which at high temperatures break up.

As apricots are quite strong allergens, naturally, and contents of their stones are contraindicated to people in whom this fruit causes allergic reactions.

Also it is not recommended to use a core of stones at diseases of a thyroid gland, liver, intestines, stomach, at diabetes and pregnancy.

Features of application of apricot stones

This product is not limited only to the flavoring, nutritious and medicinal properties. It is applied, and especially oil from it, and in cosmetics. That is each of consumers, depending on age, sex and the state of health, is free to choose at this product its most preferable qualities from a set of possible.

Treatment by stones

Folk healers especially advise remedies with addition of apricot kernels at elimination of problems in the respiratory system of the person. For fight against catarrhal cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis and tracheitis it is recommended to add to 20 g of kernels on 10 g of a thyme, a celandine, a Labrador tea, a horsetail and a sporysh. All this small istoloch to fill in 200 ml of boiled water, to draw half an hour and to filter by means of a small sieve. It is necessary to accept infusion on 50 ml three times a day.

It is possible to rinse a throat broths of herbs of a sage, and a camomile. If cough dry to use coltsfoot broth as expectorant means.

For treatment of catarrhal diseases, elimination of spasms and fight against conjunctivitis it is necessary to fill in 10 g of strongly crushed kernels with 100 ml of boiled water and to insist four hours. After filtering it is necessary to apply means inside three times a day on 50 ml. At treatment of conjunctivitis, solution is applied outwardly on eyes by means of the tampons moistened in it.

Whether will help to lose weight?

Big saturation by fats and carbohydrates and high caloric content do this product undesirable to people with an excess weight.

Use in cosmetology

But contents of apricot kernels are extremely demanded by cosmetologists. They appreciated their unique structure, widely using useful properties in compositions of different creams and ointments for improvement and rejuvenation of skin and also for maintenance of hair in good condition.

Actually, for this purpose apply not kernels, but the oil extracted from them by method of a cold extraction.

For the person

Apricot oil is very useful for face skin and in pure form, however on its base it is possible to make also highly effective means for moistening, toning and rejuvenation of skin.

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The cleaning mask

The tablespoon of oat flakes crushed in the coffee grinder is filled in with two tablespoons of milk for five minutes then there the teaspoon of apricot oil and the same amount of honey are added.

Moisturizing mask

One small spoon of oil is required to be added to well pounded egg yolk, to carefully mix mix and to put it on a face along massage lines for half an hour.

The moisturizing tonic

It is necessary to add two teaspoons of oil and a spoon of glycerin to 100 ml of still mineral water. This mix recommends to wipe a face in the mornings and to evenings.

For hair

Very much this oil is suitable for maintenance of hair in a healthy state. It effectively feeds roots, does hairs shiny and silky. At their washing, oil can just be added to shampoo.

Mask for dry hair

It is enough to add several drops of lavender oil to a spoon of oil, and then to apply this mix on hair for half an hour before washing of the head.

Whether you know? The tree of an apricot grows long, nearly forty years in a row fructify and lives up to hundred years.

Mask for an oily hair

And as much warm milk to mix a tablespoon of oil with a tea spoon of honey.

Classical night mask

Oil to warm up and rub it in head skin, at the same time massing it. Then slightly to oil locks of hair then hair to collect and cover the head with a towel.

Features of the choice and storage of a product whether apricot stones can deteriorate

When choosing stones it is necessary to pay attention to their appearance and especially to contents. On them there should not be traces of stay of wreckers in the form of a food moth. They should not be and got from immature fruit as in this case kernels turn out wrinkled and of little use for the use.

It is possible to store previously dried up product both in a shell, and in the cleaned look. Kernels are better stored in a thin cover in which they are and which can be removed already before the use.

If apricot stones when drying were filled by a thick layer, they can begin to grow mouldy that irrevocably leads them to loss of consumer qualities. Completely also stones of immature fruits can deteriorate.

Important! Categorically it is not recommended to accept in food of a kernel of old apricot stones, the stored several years.

It is much more toxic substances in such product, than in fresh.

How to prepare stones most

Preparation of internal contents of ripe apricots is simple and simple. Dividing in two these surely already ripened fruits, we get from them stones and we put in suitable capacity. Then carefully we wash, removing the remained fruit fibers from their surface, we display on a tray or a baking sheet an unary layer and we leave somewhere to dry. It is the best of all to do it in the fresh air, but it is obligatory not under direct beams of the sun. It is necessary to store them in a glass or wooden container without access for wreckers to them.

It is possible to get kernels from stones and to store already them. Some fry them in an oven for elimination of toxic substances at once.

Whether it is possible to use a product at preparation of dishes

Unique taste and smell of apricot kernels drew for a long time attention of culinary specialists who very widely and actively use them as additives in ice cream, creams, yogurts, cakes, syrups and pastries.

Especially well proved the crushed kernels at hostesses when making jam or jam. At addition of these ingredients the products develop very juicy taste and a smell which, according to hostesses, it is simple not to compare to anything. This, really, potentially toxic product at observance of elementary precautionary measures turns into means, really unique on the useful qualities, for cookery, cosmetology and medicine.

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