Whether it is possible to eat dates at pregnancy"

Whether it is possible to eat dates at pregnancy"

Fruits of a date palm tree are considered as a well of vitamins and minerals and high-valuable food product. But as the woman in "interesting situation" can use not all products, even very useful, she needs to know the list of those which are undesirable for eating or it is forbidden, and those which can be eaten without restrictions. What of these lists date enters, we suggest to understand together.

Whether it is possible to eat dates at pregnancy

Fruits of a date palm tree, as a rule, use in the form of dried fruits. Their person began to eat still in the ancient time, then was convinced of their useful properties. Mentions of these fruits can be found in the Bible and the Quran. To itself date deserved such attention thanks to the valuable chemical composition, nutrition value and caloric content.

It includes vitamins of the B, C, E group, niatsin, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, mono - and disaccharides, saturated fatty acids.

The nutrition value of 100 g of dates looks as follows:

  • proteins — 2.5 g (3.3% of standard daily rate);
  • fats — 0.5 g (0.8%);
  • carbohydrates — 69.2 g (32.8%);
  • food fibers — 6 g (30%).

Caloric content — 292 kcal (17.3%)/100 g.

The rich chemical composition causes advantage for a human body including for pregnant women.

Whether you know? At consumption of 1 date and 1 glass of milk of people saturates an organism with all complex of the amino acids necessary in day.

On early terms

In 1 trimester the woman needs especially to watch over the health and food as at this particular time there is laying of vitals and the systems of the kid and also formation of a placenta.

During this period such useful properties of dried dates are especially important for pregnant women:

  1. Beneficial influence on blood formation and increase in level of hemoglobin. One of frequent problems at women in the early stages of pregnancy is anemia which provokes breakdown, increased fatigue. Dates will become fine prophylactic of this disease.
  2. Strengthening of the immune system. In the first months of pregnancy there is a sharp decrease in immunity of the woman. It is so conceived by the nature that the organism did not tear away fetal egg as a foreign matter, and process of attachment to a wall of a uterus took place successfully. Decrease in immunity threatens with development of diseases, and fruits of a date palm tree help to strengthen it.
  3. Maintenance of useful microflora in intestines. Sharp decrease in immunity leads also to serious changes in work of intestines, to violation of balance in it. The dried fruits used regularly allow to observe this balance at the appropriate level.
  4. Toning of an organism. Fruits help at overfatigue and physical fatigue — satellites of the first months of pregnancy.
  5. Strengthening of heart, liver, kidneys on which stable work the normal course of pregnancy depends.
  6. Saturation of an organism. It is proved that the person can eat the long period only dates, receiving from them all necessary complex of nutrients, at the same time without risk of set of extra kilos.
  7. Receiving pleasure from food. The woman in "interesting situation" in the first months should reconsider the diet and to correct it towards healthy food. And, as we know, many products which are of nutrition value are not so tasty and do not bring such satisfaction to an organism as, for example, sweets. Date is capable to replace desserts and at the same time to bring benefit.
  8. Strengthening of muscles of a uterus.
  9. Relief of symptoms of toxicosis.
  10. Strengthening of teeth and gums. The child in a womb demands a lot of calcium which takes away from mother's organism therefore quite often future mother has problems with teeth.
  11. Normalization of water balance and contribution to removal of excess liquid.
  12. Replenishment of an organism a protein — construction material of cages.
  13. Saturation by folic acid — an important element for the correct pre-natal development of the child.
  14. Lowering of arterial pressure. Dried fruits will help those mothers at whom during nervousness and the unstable work of nervous system accompanying the first months of pregnancy slight increase of pressure takes place.

Important! Dates can bring benefit only in case of the use them moderately. The recommended day norm for the pregnant woman — 2–3 fruits.

In the second trimester

In the 2nd trimester one of the most important useful effects of dates is saturation of an organism pregnant with iron. As this element is necessary for food of cages oxygen, it allows to prevent oxygen starvation of a fruit and malnutrition of a placenta.

Still during this period such actions of the sukhofrukt as strengthening of immunity, completion of deficiency of vitamins and minerals, saturation by a protein and amino acids are relevant.

On late terms

In the 3rd trimester dates can bring the mass of benefit. First, not so long ago experts found out that this sukhofrukt is capable to intensify development of oxytocin — hormone which is produced shortly before the beginning of patrimonial activity and is responsible for reduction of a uterus and also influences process of a lactation. Gynecologists quite often advise women to eat dates on late terms that childbirth took place well and the organism was adjusted on a successful lactation.

Secondly, at some pregnant women on late terms the increase in arterial blood pressure can be observed. Dates are capable to normalize it.

Thirdly, dried fruits promote removal of excess liquid from an organism. And it is necessary for those women for whom the gestosis with hypostases and bad outflow of liquid is diagnosed.

Whether you know? Branches of a date palm tree since ancient times have symbolical value for the different people. So, residents of Asia Minor used them at funeral ceremonies as a durability symbol. In Ancient Greece and Rome it was the victory symbol — winners of the Olympic Games received a branch together with an olive wreath. For Christians it is a martyrdom symbol.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

As well as any product, dates can bring both advantage, and harm to an organism of the pregnant woman. Absolute contraindications to the use of these fruits are:

  • diabetes and intolerance of sugar;
  • obesity;
  • diseases of the digestive system (including stomach ulcer, gastritis);
  • individual intolerance of a product;
  • presence of an allergy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • pathologies of kidneys and urinary system.

It is important to choose a quality product which will not do harm to the woman's organism.

Upon purchase it is necessary to pay attention to such factors:

  1. Fruits have to be ripe and evenly painted.
  2. On them there has to be no mold.
  3. They have to be moderately tough and sticky.
  4. The seller has to cause trust.

It is worth remembering also that dates include about 65% of sugars which negatively influence tooth enamel therefore after their use it is desirable to clean teeth or to rinse a mouth.

It is important! If upon purchase there is no information in what conditions dates dried and stored, before the use they should be drenched with boiled water, in order to avoid hit in an organism of microbes.

As it is correct to choose dates: video

Directions of use

Dried dates can be used as a dessert, washing down with tea, juice, coffee. Well this product is combined with yogurt, bread. From fruits of a date palm tree it is also possible to cook warm cocktail with addition of milk.

Tasty and useful dish — fruit snack which dates, oranges, ginger enter. Date fruits add to salads, pastries, pies, baked puddings, fruit rice pilaf.

It is better to enter into a diet dates at a stage of planning or directly after news of the come conception.

Learn whether it is possible to eat at pregnancy such dried fruits and nuts: walnut, cedar, almonds, filbert, cashew, raisin.

Caloric content of a product allows to eat it as the second breakfast, to use for an afternoon snack, to use as having a snack. It is better to eat it till a lunch to sate an organism with energy and to be loaded with good mood.

Thus, dates are a valuable foodstuff which is very important for entering into the menu during pregnancy. Fruits of a date palm tree only for people who have certain problems with health can render harm. They will be very useful to an organism of the healthy pregnant woman. Consumption of these dried fruits is authorized on any term.


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And if it is serious... Israel is not a little supplier of dates to the world market, in the south we have whole groves. I.e. the local community, especially natives of their North Africa and Maghreb of 100% are familiar with this product, its properties. Naturally, there are still any beliefs, especially among the religious population, connected with products. And so, never saw and did not hear anything in relation to dates.

And here what rather often faced in the rodzal, so it a citron. It is a fruit of family of a citrus, it is almost similar to a lemon, only a skin at it very thick and pimply. They say, began to smell or chewing of a crust relieve skhvatochny pains.

Well, in principle, the aromatherapy in rodzala is applied.


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