Whether it is possible to eat eggs of a turkey

Whether it is possible to eat eggs of a turkey

Indyushiny eggs not a really popular product in our country as they cannot be found in usual shops. The only place where it is possible to get this product — a farm where directly breed birds. Let's consider that these eggs and what useful qualities they have represent.

What contains in eggs of a turkey

The fresh product contains 171 kcal, at the same time its weight is about 70 g. In it a large amount of fats and a small amount of carbohydrates that does a product rather nutritious.

It is interesting to learn, than chicken and quail eggs are useful.

The nutrition value of 100 g of indyushiny egg is:

  • proteins — 13.7 g;
  • fats — 11.9 g;
  • carbohydrates — 1.1 g;
  • ashes — 0.8 g;
  • water — 73 g.

The greatest number of useful substances contains in fresh eggs. At them there are following vitamins: And, E, D, group B, such minerals as cobalt, iron, iodine, calcium, copper and amino acids.

Whether you know? For the first time this product got to Europe and America thanks to Columbus who found turkey-cocks of an expedition to the New World in time. Their first name — Spanish hens.

Tastes: what differ from chicken in

Egg of a turkey-cock in quality characteristics is similar to chicken, but is more useful. In them there is no specific smell or taste. Differences only visual: larger size, spotty strong shell.

The egg shell is one of the best natural sources of calcium.

Than are useful?

The product very valuable has also no full-fledged analogs. Regular consumption will bring to:

  1. To increase in level of immunity.
  2. To strengthening of enamel of teeth, hair follicle and also nails.
  3. At children about one year, to reduction of risk of appearance of rickets or osteoporosis.
  4. Normalization of a metabolism, work of kidneys.
  5. To acceleration of proteinaceous exchange and growth of bone structures.
  6. Stabilization of functions of gonads at men.
  7. To weight reduction and increase in fortress of muscles.
  8. To elimination of insomnia and fatigue.
  9. To improvement of work of a GIT, brain and nervous system in general.

Important! The eggs received in the first summer month as during this period the basis of a food allowance is formed by a fresh grass which well affects quality of a product are the most useful.

Whether it is possible to eat at pregnancy and breastfeeding

The substances which are a part of indyushiny eggs promote production of hemoglobin which oxygenates an organism. Folic acid helps to develop correctly fruit central nervous system.

Learn what vitamins are necessary at pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Other vitamins of group B strengthen nervous system and serve as a barrier from negative impact of free radicals. All this speaks about advantage of this product for the women who are going to become mothers and during the postnatal period (even if the woman nurses the child).

How to use in cookery

Eggs of turkeys with ease can be taken instead of chicken. The main thing to pay attention the difference in sizes. There is a set of recipes, but simple omelet with tomatoes are an easy and rich dish for a daily table which preparation does not demand special skills and efforts.

Whether you know? In 1910 in America (State of Pennsylvania) the record was set – one person for time drank 144 crude eggs. Today nobody could win against this record.


What can be prepared

The product is struck to different heat treatment: bake in an oven, fry in a frying pan, steam and prepare. Besides, they are added to dough, pickled and salted. Today they meet in traditional dishes of some people:

  1. Portugal to meat serve noodles for preparation of which use indyushiny eggs.
  2. Spain do a foam dessert to which add dried fruits.
  3. Norway prepare a gentle pudding.

We recommend to make airy omelet on a water bath.

It is known that in England initially cooked world-wide popular sauce béchamel on the basis of this product. Many famous cooks add only indyushiny eggs to pastries.

How many it is necessary to cook

The indyushiny product as well as chicken is preparing. Before immersion in cold water they are washed, and then in suitable capacity put on average fire and cooked about 10 min. To avoid emergence of cracks in a shell it is better that water was slightly salty.

Whether it is possible to fry

As well as eggs of other birds, these it is also possible to fry. Preparation process differs in nothing. On the heated frying pan pour a little vegetable oil and break egg. Fry a product until, the white film is not formed yet. Fans of more dense consistence of a yolk can turn it and fry thoroughly on the other hand.

Learn how to cook egg that did not crack and whether it is possible to cook eggs in the microwave.

Where are on sale and how not to be mistaken upon purchase

Purchase can become a difficult task as such product is not sold in shops or supermarket. It is possible to find them only on a farm where grow up birds. It is important to know that birds rush seasonally:

  • the end of winter — the beginning of spring;
  • the beginning of summer — the end of summer.

Respectively only at this time it is possible to get a fresh product.

Where to store

Shell of eggs of a turkey friable on structure, because of it different smells get into it with ease. Storage in the fridge has some features:

  • isolation from food with a pungent smell;
  • obligatory processing of each egg vegetable oil or paraffin;
  • storage in salt solution.

Important! It is possible to store unused yolks several days in the fridge if to place them in cold water.

To whom can do much harm

As well as other products this has the contraindications for consumption:

  1. Individual intolerance.
  2. The problems with the proteolysis in an organism connected with diseases of kidneys and a liver.
  3. Presence of excess weight.

The product is badly acquired in the raw therefore you should not abuse them.

Knowing that indyushiny eggs represent, it is necessary to make everything to buy them. Having prepared from them any dish which was pleasant to you, you are convinced of their high tastes and useful influence on an organism. The main thing at the same time to consider all contraindications, rules of storage and preparation of a product.

Responses of users of network

I use indyushiny eggs as well as duck and chicken. I add to dough, baked puddings, dyruna, cutlets, etc. I do not cook from them omelets as it seems to me that the most tasty eggs are chicken. By the way indyushiny meat very tasty, I think to you there is a sense to think also over eggs.



Indyushiny eggs contain a large amount of fats, they are difficult acquired. Besides in them there can be microbes, harmful to the person, which cause poisonings if not to subject some egg to long thermal treatment. They can be used for pastries.



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