Whether it is possible to eat fruit at weight loss

Whether it is possible to eat fruit at weight loss

Any person who faced desire to lose excess weight during the summer period thinks of a fruit diet. What products should be used to lose weight and as it is correct to prepare them — answers to questions in this article.

Fruit for weight loss

All fruit contain the mass of useful elements, vitamins and cellulose. But not all are equally effective for weight loss. In some products, for example, a large amount of glucose that increases their caloric content.

Lower to use the list of dietary fruit which nutritionists advise for weight reduction:

  • grapefruit — a low-calorie product. Its glycemic index (that is sugar level) the lowest of the list of fruits. One fruit contains about 37 calories. Eating a grapefruit half before a full-fledged breakfast, you improve metabolism will normalize weight quicker;
  • apple — a weight loss secret by means of apples in using them in the baked look. In the raw they provoke appetite due to plentiful release of acids. But after thermal treatment, apple perfectly is suitable for a stomach and well satisfies hunger;
  • pear — a large amount of cellulose sates a stomach. Thanks to it you want to eat much less often and much less calories receive from food as a result. Besides, pears strengthen a cardiovascular system as abound with potassium;
  • the kiwi — in this product contains the large volume of cellulose (in product seeds) and vegetable fibers and also vitamin C. And here high-calorie fruit acids are practically absent. The convenience at reception of a kiwi in food will be pleasant to those who do not like to cook long food;
  • pineapple — at it there are enzymes blocking receipt in an organism of fats therefore it is good to combine pineapple with products of the increased caloric content. It will help an organism to split quicker fatty acids, without laying off calorie in fat layers of a body;
  • bilberry — this summer berry is capable to fight against the raised cholesterol, obesity and even insulin immunity. Owing to availability of antioxidants in berries, bilberry helps to activate a metabolism and to effectively remove fats that is especially important for fast weight loss.

Whether you know? Kiwis still call "the Chinese gooseberry" as to New Zealand it was delivered from China.

What it is better to eat

To set effect of consumption of useful fruit, to be sated and start weight loss process, it is necessary to know to what fruits to give preference. First of all select food with the low glycemic index and low caloric content: apples, oranges, apricots, plums.

Pay attention to fibrous structure of a fruit: than more fibers, especially fruit is saturated with cellulose. Cellulose will fill a stomach and will provide sense of fulness for a long time.

Also, when choosing fruits be guided by buying products in the markets, but not in supermarkets. Shops, as a rule, do volume deliveries and for the best safety at sale process inorganic substances. Look for nonideal fruits — non-uniform color, irregular shape, with specks. In such fruits will be much less chemical impurity.

Important! In such fruit as apples, pears, peaches, the main volume of cellulose is in a skin. For the best result accept in food these products with a peel.

What cannot be eaten

The main problem of fruit in a diet — the saturation of fruits glucose. It increases the caloric content of food and prevents an organism to lose weight. So, if you want to lose weight quickly by means of a diet, you should not use bananas, persimmon, mango, grapes and dried fruits in a large number. They contain unfairly many sugars and starch. And if glucose has to come to an organism in rated volumes, then starch does not bear any advantage and only prevents removal of fats.

Avocado — one more ambiguous product. It has high caloric content, but at the same time the low content of glucose, it is not sweet. Do not abuse it — though in avocado a set of unique elements, it really contains many fats. It is better to add restrictedly it to salads or to use instead of oil on bread.

Pay attention to sports food for weight loss: men, women.

As it is correct to eat fruit to lose weight

There are several important rules of consumption of fruit.

Observe these recommendations not just to receive useful substances and vitamins from products, but also to start weight loss process:

  1. During inclusion in food of fruit do not mix them with other products. Fruits rich with cellulose in combination with other food can do much harm to digestive system.
  2. If you want to eat a product rich with glucose (for example, banana), it is better to use it in the first half of day when the metabolism works better.
  3. It is one evening better to leave more low-calorie fruit — the baked apples, a kiwi, orange.

Fruit for weight loss: video

Serving sizes

For day of people has to eat about 300 grams of fruit or 200 grams of berries. One average apple, pear or orange equal to 200-300 grams. That is in day you can eat one fruit or a handful of berries with advantage for the organism.

Important! A fruit diet — not strict in a question of the use of concrete products. It is possible to eat those fruit which are pleasant personally to you. For weight reduction it is important to observe the volume of eaten.

Meal time

Except quantity of food, time frames of meals are of great importance for weight loss:

  • eat fruit in 20–30 minutes prior to a breakfast. Subsequently you will be not so hungry and will be sated in the smaller portion;
  • if you got hungry in the evening, it is possible to eat fruit, but not later than four hours until withdrawal for sleeping;
  • fruit it is possible to have a bite between the main meals. But at the same time you remember that fruits use or on a hungry stomach, or in 3–4 hours after a meal.

Recipes of fruit salads

Except eating of fruit in the form in which they are broken from trees, you can diversify the diet with fruit salads. Several recipes of tasty and useful salads which will surely be useful to you during a low-calorie diet are given below.

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Fruit yogurt salad.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 1 apple;
  • 1 pear;
  • 1 orange;
  • 1 banana.

We choose fruit of the average size for salad. If desired it is possible to add some berry.

For gas station:

  • 2 jars of fruit yogurt.

Preparation process:

  1. Wash fruit. Rub off a towel.
  2. Peel orange and banana.
  3. Cut in turn apple, pear and orange on bars of the average sizes. Orange has to be cut slightly more largely than other fruits.
  4. Fill in the crushed salad with yogurt. Pour in contents of two jars at once.
  5. Mix fruit with yogurt to impregnate each piece.
  6. Cut small circles banana.
  7. Decorate salad with banana, adding from above the fruit weight mixed with yogurt.
  8. Lay out a ready dish on a plate.

Whether you know? At the expense of natural sugars, apples tone up and invigorate better, than coffee. Before the difficult working day it is better to eat one apple for a charge energy.

Fruit yogurt salad: video

Fruit salad in a glass.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 1 banana;
  • 1 orange;
  • 1 kiwis;
  • several berries of bilberry;
  • three handfuls of corn flakes.

If desired it is possible to add grapes, apples, pineapple or any berries.

Pay attention to the most effective sets of exercises for weight loss in house conditions and in gym.

For gas station:

  • about 30 grams of unsweetened natural yogurt without additives.

Preparation process:

  1. Wash and dry up fruit before cooking.
  2. Peel a kiwi, banana and orange. At orange cut off not only a peel, but also a white fibrous thin skin under a peel.
  3. Cut banana, orange and a kiwi in small crushed cubes that subsequently in a glass all ingredients were located.
  4. In a glass for laying lay out banana pieces.
  5. Fill in a banana layer with two teaspoons of yogurt.
  6. Take a handful of corn flakes and crush in hands. Pour out flakes from above on yogurt.
  7. Further add cubes of a kiwi and according to the previous scheme fill in with yogurt and powder with corn flakes.
  8. The last add orange. Pour out from above the remained yogurt, add flakes. In the last layer corn flakes can be not crushed.
  9. Decorate ready fruit salad with bilberry berries.

Fruit salad in a glass: video Exists the mass of dishes in which it is possible to include any fruit to your taste. Choose for yourself suitable recipes, use fruit in a daily diet and enjoy the slender body!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team