Whether it is possible to eat pineapple at weight loss: useful properties and harm

Whether it is possible to eat pineapple at weight loss: useful properties and harm

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For certain all know about fruit, unique and useful to health, which will help to save from extra kilos as soon as possible. The speech about pineapple — this surprising tropical fruit and the truth is capable to intensify splitting of fats and to promote loss of weight, and still has properties, other, not less important for an organism. Let's consider its advantage and harm, specially developed diet, a recipe for tincture and also storage conditions.

Caloric content and chemical composition

This exotic fruit is rich bromelayny — group of enzymes which, getting to an organism, provide fat-burning effect, accelerating metabolism and improving digestion. It contains and other useful substances, and in a large number.


General caloric content: 51 kcal.


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Pineapple for weight loss

Today the market abounds with the medicines for weight loss developed on the basis of pineapple: tablets, capsules, teas and other. For producers this fruit — the real pot of gold as its demand every day only increases.

Besides its unique ability to burn fat in a large number, it also intensifies many other not less important processes in an organism; still it very tasty so will suit all fans to indulge himself with sweet.

Whether you know? In terms of botany pineapple, actually, not fruit. It is more likely berry which represents the ear at the initial stage consisting of small flowers, and which then is formed in one big fruit.

Let's find out what its advantage and also it is better for whom to refrain from the use of this product consists in.


The list of useful properties of pineapple is very impressive:

Learn more about advantage of pineapple and pineapple juice.

Contraindications and harm

Despite all advantage and efficiency, abuse of pineapple can lead to undesirable consequences therefore they should not fill a stomach in hope that you will lose weight for few days — it will not occur. It is necessary to approach consumption of this fruit extremely carefully, especially if you have food intolerance with the increased content of acidity. In that case it is worth receiving the recommendation of the expert that he appointed admissible doses of a fruit.

Important! When choosing pineapple pay attention to a peel if it is covered with dark stains, it demonstrates perversity of a fruit, and began to smell its total absence means immaturity of fruit and if it gives a pungent smell, so already became overripe and began to spoil. The ripened pineapple exhales the almost inaudible refreshing aroma.

The use is contraindicated:

As for harm which can cause this product, it is capable to cause:

Read in more detail about what fruit it is possible and it is impossible to use at weight loss.

In what look it is better to use

If it is about weight loss, then the maximum efficiency in this process will be rendered by fresh pineapple, but also its use in a dried and tinned look is not excluded.

will not be promoted by dried pineapples definitely as their caloric content, unlike fresh, is 350 kcal on 100 g. However almost all groups of vitamins and food fibers nevertheless are present at them therefore such product will serve as a good alternative to sweets.

As for tinned pineapple, in its structure is absent bromeline — a fat-burning component therefore its use in the course of weight loss is senseless. Besides, at its preparation, sugar syrup which includes nutritional supplements and preservatives so it also is harmful is used.

However it is not obligatory to refuse completely this exotic dish — it is possible to prepare it independently, having pickled pineapples in own juice. Then caloric content on 100 g of a product will be about 70 kcal.

Diet on pineapples

Today the person interested offers to lose weight a set of the most various diets so the choice is really huge. Nutritionists recommend to use several segments of pineapple or to drink a glass of pineapple juice for half an hour to food to improve digestion and to accelerate process of splitting of fats.

Besides, so you will quicker be sated and is imperceptible for itself reduce the volume of portions. However, considering the cost of this fruit, this way will suit not all therefore there are also options of fasting days, diets calculated on 3, for 5 days and even for a week. Let's consider in more detail each of them.

We advise to learn more about such fruit diets as banana, tangerine, grapefruit, water-melon and apple.

Fasting day

Fasting days on pineapples — obligatory practice for an organism which no more once a week is recommended to carry out. At the same time it is necessary to remember:

Let's consider three options of such fasting day that you could choose for yourself the most suitable.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Is in using for day only pineapples. For this purpose divide one mature fruit into three equal parts and eat, without forgetting also about liquid. Best of all plain water without gas will approach. Such option of regular unloading allows to dump about 800 g.

This variation provides use not only pineapples, but also and fresh pineapple juice. At the same time it is forbidden to drink something another. Such combination is capable to influence also effectively weight reduction, besides at bad shipping of a diet is admissible to add 100 g of cottage cheese or a boiled piece of meat to a diet.

The most easily transferable as, besides fruit, you during the day eat also meat. One condition — it surely has to be low-fat and in a boiled look. Chicken, a turkey, a duck (without skin) or a rabbit will be ideal. The standard daily rate of such fasting day has to be 500 g of meat and 800 g of pineapples.

For 3 days

The option of a three-day pineapple diet assumes combination of this fruit with other low-calorie products as long food one pineapple can do serious harm to an organism. It is considered that thanks to it it is possible to dump about 6-7 kg. The menu of this diet can look so:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

In the first day it is necessary to use pineapple and to drink at the same time various teas (fruit, black, green), yogurts, kefir and, of course, pineapple juice. Usual water will not be suitable for such diet therefore meanwhile exclude it. As a result per day you have to drink about 2.5 liters of liquid, and the amount of the eaten pineapple should not exceed 700 g.

As the organism did not get used to such sharp restriction in food, it is allowed to increase quantity of a fruit to 1 kg. On second day the first half of day has to pass only on pineapple, and during a dinner it is possible to afford light salad from 100 g of pineapples which part besides them have to be: cucumbers, celery, lettuce leaves and fennel. The dish is allowed to salt and wash down with pineapple juice a little.

The last day of a diet provides a full-fledged lunch from 500 g of fresh pineapple and meat of a turkey. 100 g of fillet need to be cut, fried, added about 70 ml of water and thus to extinguish to readiness. The drinking mode and obligatory inclusion in it of pineapple juice is still observed.

Important! An exit from any diet has to be gradual and imperceptible for an organism, otherwise all lost kilograms will return in a flash. Is not an exception and pineapple: you watch that, leaving a diet not to fill a stomach, carefully you approach the choice of dishes, try to avoid during this period of high-calorific and greasy food.

For 5 days

More simplified option is a five-day diet at which besides pineapples the use of other low-fat products, for example, of various grain, fast meat and vegetables is allowed. Such option will suit those to whom not the speed, but light shipping, at the same time without any complications and negative consequences is important.

The majority of responses allow to draw a conclusion that at a diet for 5 days the organism for the 3-4th day adapts, and the feeling of constant hunger vanishes absolutely, and it is capable to save from 5–6 extra kilos. Breakfasts are not included in a diet of such diet, it is only allowed to have dinner and supper.

Here is how the menu for persons interested to lose weight in 5 days can look:




Day 1

200 g of boiled rice, 100 g of fresh vegetables (or on couple), a glass of pineapple juice.

300 g of the pineapple cut by segments, several pieces of boiled potatoes.

Day 2

Shrimps and pineapple salad, is also allowed to add vegetables and to fill with vegetable oil, juice.

250 g of the baked meat or fish with pineapple, juice.

Day 3

Oranges and pineapple sauce, it is possible to add to it 150 g of a tuna.

300 g of juice.

Day 4

200 g of oat flakes with pineapple, apple, juice.

Vegetable soup, pineapple segment, for the night — juice.

Day 5

Rice porridge with fruit pieces, juice.

Fat-free yogurt, 100 g of pineapple.

For 1 week

The pineapple diet calculated for a week — the least radical option for those who did not get used to sharp and cardinal restrictions. Everyone can independently make a diet of such diet, it is allowed — to combine the use of the most various dietary products, the main thing them with the main component — pineapple. Meals has to be 4, and everyone should be washed down for bigger efficiency with pineapple juice.

Let's consider the list of products which are obligatory to the use every day within a week:

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Pineapple tincture on vodka for weight loss

Pineapple with vodka — a combination quite unusual, but nevertheless results and reviews of this tincture impress. The thing is that vodka acts as organism cleaner from all hazardous collected substances and also promotes fast distribution of the nutritious elements arriving together with pineapple in an organism. Pineapple due to activization of a bromeline makes destructive impact on fat cages and accelerates metabolism therefore such symbiosis not only is useful, but also is effective.

However it is worth remembering that abuse of vodka can negatively affect health and lead to alcoholism therefore tincture has to be applied responsibly and strictly according to the instruction. Let's consider its recipe and also rules of the use and storage.


The recipe for tincture quite simple will also not take you a lot of time. Its preparation requires one mature pineapple and 0.5 l of vodka.

Process of preparation is as follows:

  1. Fruit needs to be washed, cleaned carefully from leaves and to cut off the lower part, without touching a skin as it contains all necessary useful substances and to allow to dry a little.
  2. Further cut pulp on small pieces and miss through the meat grinder (the blender will be suitable for this purpose too). Fill in the formed weight with vodka half of liter, place in special capacity and leave to infuse in the cool room for 15 days.
  3. After this time tincture will be ready — it will only be necessary to filter it.

Video: preparation of tincture of pineapple on vodka

Rules of the use and storage

It is necessary to apply pineapple tincture 2–3 times a day on a teaspoon in 20 minutes prior to meal, especially if it is high-calorific. It will exempt from heavy feeling in a stomach and will accelerate assimilation and processing of products.

The full course of intake of spirit tincture makes no more than two months, then a break for the same term is taken. It is more preferable to keep it in a glass large bottle in the fridge.

But it does not make sense to be limited to one tincture at loss of weight, it has to be accepted in a complex with some diet. Then at observance of all these conditions and the correct use it will help to dump about 10 kilograms.

Extract and tea for fight against excess weight

But not only diets are capable to save from excess weight, today there are also special additives and phytoteas on the basis of pineapple which cope with this task not less effectively. Let's consider in more detail them impact on an organism and methods of application. Extract of pineapple is a medicine which provides fat-burning effect, most often is produced in the form of liquid or tablets. Will be ideal for the use after sports activities as starts process of synthesis of protein in an organism and dulls feeling of hunger.

Vitamins, micro both macrocells and vegetable oils which very positively influence an organism also are its part.

Learn in what advantage and whether there is a harm from dietary supplements for weight loss.

And in addition to everything its use prevents various problems of a mouth, in particular, inflammation of gums therefore it is recommended to add to all mouth care products.

It is necessary to accept extract 2–3 times a day at meal time on one tablet. The course is calculated for a month, but the people suffering from problems with a stomach can take the drug on a constant basis:

As for phytotea, it renders mostly laxative effect at the expense of what at regular application and extra kilos are lost. This means only consists of natural components therefore has pleasant taste and aroma.

In packing there are about 30 bags which will last for a month, and, considering a large amount of ingredients in structure, the price quite acceptable — from 30 to 60 UAH.

The way of preparation of pineapple phytotea differs in nothing from others: it is necessary to make a bag in boiled water and to allow to infuse 5 minutes. It is recommended to apply 2–3 times a day on one cup.

Whether you know? Chinese have pineapples in special honor, and celebration of New year cannot do without them. It is considered that existence of this exotic product on a holiday table is capable to bring success in affairs and happiness in private life therefore than more these fruit high probability subjects that year will pass successfully.

The course is calculated for a month with the subsequent break in 2 weeks, but, considering constant load on intestines, it is necessary to remember that abuse of drink can do harm to an organism.

You should not consider pineapple as the only means of disposal of excess weight — it has to go in a complex with regular trainings by sport, a diet and observance of a day regimen.

This unique fruit at the correct combination to other products and application is capable to enrich an organism with vitamins, to improve exchange and digestive process, to present symmetry and health.

So if you have doubts about its efficiency, hurry to dispel them — pineapple is irreplaceable at weight loss.

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