Whether it is possible to eat tangerines during pregnancy

Whether it is possible to eat tangerines during pregnancy

Very often pregnant women have a desire to eat tangerines. These fruit not only tasty and sweet, they also contain a lot of vitamin C and other useful substances. Let's learn whether it is authorized them is at pregnancy and in what quantities not to do much harm to future child.

Whether it is possible to eat tangerines at pregnancy

Desire is tangerines during pregnancy usually arises when the organism of future mother needs to fill reserves of vitamins, in particular, of vitamin C.

Let's consider in more detail than feature of the use this citrus and its influence on an organism of future mother and her fruit on different terms of pregnancy.

Important! Tangerine — one of the most allergenic fruits, at the same time it the least useful among other citrus. That is why it is necessary to eat these fruit during incubation of the child with care. Norm of the use of this citrus at pregnancy (in the absence of contraindications) — 1–2 pieces a day, on late terms — 1–2 pieces a week.

On early terms

Bright juicy fruit — a well of useful vitamins and substances which are especially necessary for the woman during incubation of the kid.

This citrus not only contributes to the correct development of the child in a womb and to the normal course of pregnancy, but also regulates formation of internals and the main systems of the kid on early terms.

Vitamin C works as antioxidant, strengthens walls of vessels, increases immunity, stimulates development with a collagen organism, interferes with appearance of varicosity and just improves mood and regulates an emotional background.

Learn more about useful properties of tangerine and also essential oil, seeds and a peel of this fruit.

In this citrus there is also a lot of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and other macrocells especially necessary during this period.

In the second trimester

In the middle of pregnancy the organism of future mother demands a large amount of folic acid. B9 vitamin which is contained in fruits well influences strengthening and food of a placenta, formation of heart and vessels of the kid. Holin who contains in citrus pulp (B4 vitamin) lowers the cortisol level (stress hormone). He reduces the probability of development of defects of a fruit and saves the pregnant woman from elevated pressure.

Important! The most sweet tangerines — the smallest.

In the third trimester

At this time an organism of both future mother, and the kid especially need calcium. And in its tangerines there is a lot of — about 40 mg on 100 g of fruit. Calcium promotes not only to strengthening of teeth and woman's bones, but also well influences development of skeletal system of a fruit.

A large amount of the potassium which is contained in bright fruits promotes relaxation of vessels, removes their spasms, normalizes pressure and removes hypostases. The invigorating aroma of fruits not only increases mood, but also helps to fight against uneasiness at the pregnant woman to whom it is often subject in process of approach of childbirth.

However in the late stages of pregnancy it is necessary to show consideration for quantity of the citrus eaten in day as it can cause strong allergic reaction in future kid.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

Despite advantage, tangerines can do also a lot of harm, especially it concerns women waiting for the kid.

Whether you know? The tradition to serve tangerines on a table appeared in China. In this country these bright fruit are considered as a wellbeing symbol therefore any guest who comes to the house for New year surely has to present them to owners.

Before there is this citrus, will not prevent to get acquainted with contraindications and precautionary measures:

  1. Fruits can cause allergic reactions, especially in those who have an allergy to a citrus.
  2. There is a risk of appearance of rash and itch. If similar reaction to fruits is observed and also reddenings on skin appear, peeling — it is necessary to exclude tangerines from a diet at once.
  3. There can be problems with a stomach and intestines, especially if there are diseases of bodies of a GIT.
  4. If the pregnant woman has an urolithic disease, consumption of tangerines should be limited up to 1–2 fruits a week.
  5. The vitamin C which is contained in these fruit is very useful, but in case of its surplus there can be a uterus hyper tone because of what the threat of an abortion increases. Moderation — the main condition of the consumption of these fruit.

What can be made and where to add

Fruits of this citrus it is possible not only is fresh, but also to cook with them different drinks, for example, smoothie or cocktails. Often segments of tangerines add to various cakes, cakes, cookies, other pastries. They perfectly approach fruit salads or desserts.

As spice, tangerine can be added to sauces for fish or a bird. If desired, from segments or a peel it is possible to cook jams and jam. Sometimes the skin of fruit is used in production of various medical infusions and syrups.

Whether you know? In world production of a citrus tangerine takes the II place. His fellow got the honourable I place to orange.

Tangerines — not only very tasty fruit, but also useful. They contain many vitamins and mineral substances which are necessary for the woman's organism during incubation of the kid. However at the same time it is necessary to remember that these fruit are capable to cause strong allergic reaction therefore their use has to be moderate.

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